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  1. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Sleeve Scars   

    I have a band and my scarring is minimal, the biggest is above my belly button at 1 inch long and 2mm wide where the actual band was put in. The other 3 disappeared with time and are just very faint white lines now. 
    As the sleeve is also (in most cases) done via laparoscopy there will always be scars, how they heal and blend over time is individual
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  2. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Pre op ESG newby   

    Good on you for giving up! Its another huge addiction, that just like food is difficult to overcome but you've taken the first step. It'll make a huge difference with recovery though, and ensure they're willing to go ahead with the surgery just in case. How have you gone so far? 
    Thanks, I still have a fair bit to lose - 80kg was my realistic goal and I didn't quite make it but I still feel and look so much better and enjoy more than I did before that  
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  3. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Pre op ESG newby   

    That's who I had my band through as well, hopefully you have much better luck with the sleeve! Not long until the 26th either, are you hoping to be booked in as soon as possible? Before Christmas would be nice so you'd be recovered enough to enjoy it in a new "normal" kind of way
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  4. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Pre op ESG newby   

    Welcome rainbow gypsy  
    I'm in Newcastle too, keeping my fingers crossed you have better luck with the ESG than the band. Which surgeon are you going to? 
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  5. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: rebanding   

    Hi gypsyk7, 
    Personally I'd have a chat to a surgeon and see what your options would be. I've seen a few 2nd time WLS go again because its not about starting BMI but the yo-yo weight gain/loss. If you had lost it all but regained a noticeable amount then chances are you will always struggle to keep the weight off on your own and its used to prevent that. I know one who had the band removed and went for a larger sized sleeve after 2 years and another who had the band removed and got a plication with minimiser ring. Both had a BMI under 30, but had stayed in contact with the clinics dietitian after their bands were removed so I think it was documented. 
    There are a lot of options, depending on what your surgeon has experience in but I think its great that you're looking at this proactively
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  6. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Just starting out   

    Hi SpareTyre Congratulations on jumping onto the bandwagon!
    Optifast was hard... the best thing I found was to be totally prepared. Cut up all of my allowed fruit and veg (my dietician gave me a very specific list with quantities) for the following day, have the diet jelly made up, all my shakes ready to go with any ice or frozen fruit i was allowed to use. 
    The shakes are so much better when they're as cold as you can get them, and drink them within 10-15minutes. 
    Even if i wasn't particularly hungry I ate my allowance, because it kept me from thinking about the food I couldn't have. I didn't socialise much for that two weeks, just because I didnt want to be around everyone elses food. 
    Its two weeks... it goes fast and I PROMISE it will set you up so much easier for the post op diet when you're already used to eating less and having a more liquid diet. You've got this Positive mindset and step into the challenge
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  7. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Asking for advice....   

    Except that you assume everyone asking questions you don't approve of is asking permission to relapse into old behavior and do the wrong thing. When really, a lot of the time its just for advice or encouragement to stick to the new way we're meant to live by. Some continue to do the wrong thing, that's their choice but its not everyone. The forum was meant to be a place for people do their research, get some opinions, advice and understand others experiences when making their own decisions about their body - be their choice wrong or right. No one comes here to be told to do their own research when they're asking a question... which is them trying to gain information.
    It was meant to be a place of support - reality yes - but with kindness. Instead there is judgement, shaming and rudeness which has killed atmosphere it used to have, and with it the regular members with experience returning and new members looking for help sticking around through their journey.
    But with that I've said my piece on why I believe people don't return. They don't feel welcome to
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  8. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Asking for advice....   

    This community isn't all that helpful anymore. Its not moderated, there is a lot of experience but with that comes judgement and criticism for those asking for help. WLS is so personal, and people starting their journey already face negativity from those around them in the real world. Its easy to forget what its like starting out on this process and the mistakes we made when making the lifestyle changes so the older members who feel like they are constantly repeating themselves and doing it again with frustration and aggression are doing so to someone who hasn't thought of that perspective before. So people don't come back with their failures and success stories, not when there are better support forums out there with people who are sharing their journey. 
    Its a shame, because I found it incredibly helpful when I was starting the process but I haven't seen that same level of camaraderie and support in a long time
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  9. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Surgeons   

    Many won't as any complications that arise aren't included in their quote - for the surgeon or for the hospital. WLS complications are expensive, its not as simple as transferring you straight to a public hospital if things go wrong. Having PHI ensures everyone is covered for the unexpected before performing a significant procedure on a morbidly obese individual and risking not getting paid or having to compromise the quality of care by getting the patient to a public hospital. 
    One came through where I work - they had to stay beyond the initial first days as very little liquid would go through the new stomach and ended up having a leak a week later. The total hospital account alone came to over $67k and I believe they had re-admissions after that too. Its frustrating having further limitations placed on an already hard to get surgery though... I guess I see both sides 
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  10. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Ups and downs (and ins and outs)   

    What a journey Geri, hopefully the time passes quickly and with minimal pain until the 25th. 
    Thinking of you!
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  11. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: ESG - Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty   

    I think an ESG is more like a plication than the removable balloon (which honestly to me seems like a really bad idea)? 
    Goodluck with it FromBondi  Its a huge step no matter what procedure you're going for, and the pre-op stages are so hard and frustrating but it really sets you up well for the next dietary stage. Stick with it if you can xo 
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  12. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: After false starts here I go   

    Not long to go then! Good luck with opti - it really sets you up for the post op diet so hard as it is stick with it 
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  13. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: So Lost, please help   

    Exactly as David has said - but be sure to have your partner check how much he has in super and that there is enough to cover it before starting the process with selecting a surgeon so you aren't paying for medical appointments you may not need yet. 
    As a side note though - don't let your weight prevent you living your life. Its hard, I get that and we have all been there but if you don't have any medical issue preventing you from working there are many positions or hobbies that add value and purpose to our day. Being kind to yourself is a big first step on this journey, and building confidence in small ways will make a huge difference. Congratulations on your studies, I'm sure you'll make a wonderful practitioner regardless of your weight 
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  14. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Optislim v optifast   

    Thats really good, thanks for that! I use rapidloss now when I need to go back to basics, simply because it tastes the best to me so I stick with it. Interesting to see it compared against the others. 
    I swear if I had to have another optifast after the pre-op I would have just vomited. I still can't look at it without getting a bit of nausea haha 
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  15. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Horrible Expeience IN Emergency Deartment   

    That sounds horrific! So so painful! 
    Fingers crossed your port or tubing hasn't been damaged, do you go back to your surgeon to see if there is now less in your band and thats how they'll decide on a replacement? I wonder if the hospital would contribute anything seeing as one of their doctors damaged it... 
    As a side note - I've used the ED for an unfill before, once I explained it was like a chemo port and that a huber needle had to be used they were able to find an oncologist who was a bit familiar with ports to remove some liquid.  Its unfortunate that more hospitals aren't equipped with knowledge about bands, but I guess thats part of the risk we take. 
    Hoping your port isn't damaged hun, and that you're feeling much better soon xo
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