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  1. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Being banded JULY 2014   

    I'm sorry hun, I think we were banded around the same time. Has anything happened to change your habits or its just been a slow creep back on over the years?
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  2. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Had my sleeve surgery on the 4th of April   

    Congratulations Deeishere22, hopefully your recovery continues to go well and you grow the confidence to brave the outside world
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  3. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Assistance with Accessing Super - Info   

    Just to update, the fee is now $1400 
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  4. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Assistance with Accessing Super - Info   

    Supercare can be really helpful for people who find the process overwhelming or too time consuming, but it does come with an upfront cost of around $1,000 
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  5. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Any Information on gastric sleeve please!   

    PHI is soooo bloody complicated - if you're ever unsure email them with the name of the hospital product, your quoted amount with the 52% LHC and the sleeve item number 31575 to have it confirmed in return email thats exactly what you're getting cover for. Even then, if something isn't right you have it in writing and have a leg to stand on but its really important to read any letters they send you in that 12 month waiting period. 
    Really though, as long as its top cover you should be fine - good luck with your consultation :):)
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  6. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Any Information on gastric sleeve please!   

    Any changes for PHI need to give existing members notice and the opportunity to move to a higher level of cover to keep their benefit with no waiting period. If you're only just joining and specifically need the cover for a procedure like WLS then a top hospital product is always going to be the safest option, as it covers everything except cosmetic procedures - but joining over the phone will guarantee they have to tell you about any upcoming changes to products and the calls are recorded in case you need them. HCF's premium will be enough, the ultimate isn't really necessary for WLS its just a corporate top cover (unless you can get it cheaper then premium with a work discount ) 
    WLS is being removed from lower levels of cover due to the amount of people joining, having the surgery then cancelling so they at least want top premiums for the year the person is paying. Its unfortunate, as PHI is so expensive but its the cost of business. $2000 in premium to pay for a $15k surgery and any possible complications simply isn't sustainable. 
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  7. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Breakfast ideas   

    I don't watch carbs, just eat what I want but I always have the same breakfasts... a cut up serve of fruit with two tablespoons of yogurt (mixed with beneprotein the night before) and chia seeds, or a scrambled egg on a wholemeal sandwich thin with baby spinach and capsicum, or oats with roasted pineapple and vanilla essence.
    I cycle between these things everyday, prep and keep as much of it in the freezer as I can. Good luck gathering all of your ideas
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  8. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: From band to my surgeon right??   

    I only personally know 3 people who have converted from a band to a sleeve and none of them hit goal weight. They still lost weight they most likely wouldn't have with the band which is a huge plus but the weight loss was not as significant as they were hoping. 2 of them wish they had gone with a bypass instead but its always down to personal preference. The third is happy with her choice, just a little disappointed she hasn't gotten rid of the last 20kg. 
    I think its like all WLS though - how accountable we are and using the tool to compliment our discipline instead of purely relying on it instead of willpower. These women aren't strict in their eating, they still eat anything they want just in the new restricted portions which can still be a lot of calories. A bypass may have had the same results but they're still maintaining the weight they got to at least  
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  9. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: looking for advice   

    Congratulations on making your decision  its a big step!
    If you're considering going private then its generally to a specific surgeon that your GP will refer you. If you've done your own research and have a preference then just take their name to your GP who can write the referral (I can't help in that aspect sorry, I'm from NSW). If you don't know though, your GP should have someone in mind - thats what mine did and my research began once I got his name, and I ended up going with him too. 
    The only wait is the one for your PHI to kick in - if you meet the standards for WLS with your GP and the specialist the only wait on that side would be until they're free to do the surgery. If you've seen the same GP for some time they should have a record of your attempts at losing weight, but both will go through them at the appointment. 
    Out of pockets vary... I paid $7000 out of pocket but got about $1500 over 12 months back as that was a clinic wide fee for dietician appointments, fills etc. There is a surgeon on the gold coast who has little/no OOP - I think the last one I saw was about $1000 so really; its going to vary A LOT. 
    I had to wait for my PHI to kick in, but used super to fund the gap so spent that time getting everything ready so I could go the day my waiting period ended. If I didn't need to wait for that I could have been done in 2 weeks from the time of my first appointment. The public list will vary - two friends are currently waiting and one of those has been on there for 3 years, the other 18 months. Neither have a date yet but while definitely obese I think there would be bigger patients with co-morbidities getting ahead of them in the public queue. 
    Good luck with everything!
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  10. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Newcastle Dr Tim Wright   

    I had Tim for a band in 2014 and found him terrific. I had to attend an information session with him before being able to make an appointment, then wait the 12 months for my PHI to kick in which was fine. He did prefer the sleeve over the band but I was firm in my reasoning which he respected and I'm still happy with my choice. My surgery was relatively straight forward with a little pain and good follow ups, the practice is busy but generally on time. I had 12 months of dietician appointments included in the fee and saw Bronwyn James who I found helpful in keeping me accountable. 
    I had a few pain issues in the year following my surgery that were unrelated to my band but it was difficult to get it diagnosed when every public hospital blamed it on my bariatric surgery and said to go back to Tim - he always made the time to see me and even showed up to the private hospital emergency room to confirm everything was fine with my band and pushed for more diagnostics so as a doctor I cant fault his quality of care, and I've had no issues at all with my band in the almost 4 years I've had it 
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  11. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Lap band removal   

    All health funds will cover the removal, its just selecting the right level  As long as it shows the policy is covered for Bariatrics you'd be right, then the 12 month wait. 
    I'd get PHI quickly, then look at surgeons so you can do all of the pre-work leading up to surgery so you can do it asap after the 12 month wait finishes
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  12. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Haven't seen Doctor for a year......   

    Almost 4 years banded and still working fine  My will power is my problem, not my band 
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  13. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Haven't seen Doctor for a year......   

    Hi Annesarah, 
    Not everyone needs a replacement, if you have no symptoms or pain to suggest there is something wrong with your band then there is no reason it shouldn't work, and no reason why it should be checked that regularly. If you're interested in jumping back on the bandwagon I would suggest making an appointment at a clinic near you to have a chat about getting a small fill and ask them to check how much fluid your band is actually holding. Just start from the beginning, even using optifast for a week to kick things off if you need to then the soft food stages. Its all about relearning the band, your body and how to utilise them to your benefit. 
    Good luck on the last 10kg  
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  14. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Sleeve Scars   

    I have a band and my scarring is minimal, the biggest is above my belly button at 1 inch long and 2mm wide where the actual band was put in. The other 3 disappeared with time and are just very faint white lines now. 
    As the sleeve is also (in most cases) done via laparoscopy there will always be scars, how they heal and blend over time is individual
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  15. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic: Pre op ESG newby   

    Good on you for giving up! Its another huge addiction, that just like food is difficult to overcome but you've taken the first step. It'll make a huge difference with recovery though, and ensure they're willing to go ahead with the surgery just in case. How have you gone so far? 
    Thanks, I still have a fair bit to lose - 80kg was my realistic goal and I didn't quite make it but I still feel and look so much better and enjoy more than I did before that  
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