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  1. Jellybelly89

    KEEN ON BYPASS need help

    I'd call the clinic you're wanting to use and ask if they have any information seminars - often places will have these info nights to go through the process, expectations and often have people who have had the surgery for you to talk with. Pretty much every WLS comes with a pre-op diet with a few weeks of Optifast and the post op diet is liquids > puree > soft food > whole food but how long you stay at each stage is at the discretion of the clinic. I think its really important to understand that none of this is a quick fix... the goal should never be losing weight quickly, its using a tool to limit your bodies capabilities while you change your lifestyle habits and mindset towards food. The bypass is still the gold standard in WLS (particularly due to its longevity) but there are still people who fail with it like any other kind.
  2. Jellybelly89

    Early superannuation release

    It may not affect your benefit come tax time, its just something to be mindful of in that it always has to be declared as income they tax it correctly when they deduct it so you shouldn't owe anything, but if it puts you into the next tax bracket for income where you might miss entitlements its good to be aware
  3. Jellybelly89

    Early superannuation release

    If its approved they'll send you a letter confirming that, which you then forward to the super fund with an application to withdraw that amount. Keep in mind you're asking for a specific amount but what is withdrawn needs to include tax so it'll be an additional 22% on top of what you're asking for, and if you're on any kind of government benefits you need to declare the super as income at tax time
  4. Jellybelly89


    I just bought kmart jeggings and work pants, if the leg was meant to be tight but felt too loose I'd run another line up the inner seam to the knee. I still do that haha Even when not losing weight, well fitting clothes will always look better than trying to squeeze into a smaller size just for the sake of feeling like we're a smaller size. It took me so long to go from my 20's and 18's down to a normal 16 but then someone pointed out I'd stretched all of my pants just trying to fit into them so even though the tag was an 18 I'd grown in them to make them more like a 20, but refused to buy the bigger size because you know... vanity haha. The first drop down usually takes the longest, especially if you're holding weight in your tummy
  5. Jellybelly89


    I'm sorry its not going well Kathh74, its definitely a huge adjustment. Have you called your surgeon and explained you're having trouble? The thing is, the optifast is so important to shrink the liver down so they can safely move it during surgery. There would be nothing worse then them deciding while you're open on the table they can't proceed. Your surgeon may be able to suggest an alternative that will give the same results, or a compromise on what he's expecting but still within his protocol
  6. Jellybelly89

    Sore after vomiting

    I've only had the bad vomits twice since I've had mine, and just went back to soft food, soups and liquids for a few days until it didn't feel like there was a rock in my chest. Vomiting in general is pretty traumatic on our body, with a band constricting the natural path back up it does make it harder. If you're still in a fair bit of pain after a week of taking it easy I'd go back to your doctor, but a bit of pain after this kind of thing seems really common
  7. Jellybelly89


    Welcome Kathryn congratulations on the big change! Wow, just opti with nothing else for 2 weeks? That's a huge challenge, I've never seen anyone have to give up everything but opti - do you at least get 4 a day? All the best with it!
  8. Jellybelly89

    Starting Over

    I remember you too I'm sorry things haven't gone well for you over the last few years, it definitely sounds like a lot has gone on and been a huge factor in your weight too which only adds to your stress. Your plan sounds really well thought out, and the actions so far like park run and joining the gym are a great step in the right direction - taking the time for you is so important. Hopefully the Optifast is going well and you're over the worst hurdle (the first 5 days was miserable for me, everytime haha) Take care x
  9. Jellybelly89

    Where to from here for Banding Together?

    Welcome back :) Glad to hear things are improving for you on your journey. A few suggestions; the changes made so far look really good. Open up for more active moderators - there was a call a few years ago for people interested to step up but nothing eventuated from it. Online communities that thrive do so because there are safe spaces created for people feeling vulnerable, which as we all know many having WLS do. There have been a few instances over the years where moderation was needed, and in a timely manner but instead users chose not to return instead. The only mod I've seen with any kind of regularity over the last few years is Princess. The idea for separate forums for each procedure is great - it would be really good to see spaces where people feel free to talk about their WLS choices openly instead of being blatantly discouraged for having a preference. When I started here there was so much free flowing, open minded education and knowledge without the judgement but over time and without regular users there has been a cultural shift.
  10. Jellybelly89

    Being banded JULY 2014

    I'm sorry hun, I think we were banded around the same time. Has anything happened to change your habits or its just been a slow creep back on over the years?
  11. Jellybelly89

    Had my sleeve surgery on the 4th of April

    Congratulations Deeishere22, hopefully your recovery continues to go well and you grow the confidence to brave the outside world
  12. Jellybelly89

    Assistance with Accessing Super - Info

    Just to update, the fee is now $1400
  13. Jellybelly89

    Assistance with Accessing Super - Info

    Supercare can be really helpful for people who find the process overwhelming or too time consuming, but it does come with an upfront cost of around $1,000
  14. Jellybelly89

    Any Information on gastric sleeve please!

    PHI is soooo bloody complicated - if you're ever unsure email them with the name of the hospital product, your quoted amount with the 52% LHC and the sleeve item number 31575 to have it confirmed in return email thats exactly what you're getting cover for. Even then, if something isn't right you have it in writing and have a leg to stand on but its really important to read any letters they send you in that 12 month waiting period. Really though, as long as its top cover you should be fine - good luck with your consultation :):)
  15. Jellybelly89

    Any Information on gastric sleeve please!

    Any changes for PHI need to give existing members notice and the opportunity to move to a higher level of cover to keep their benefit with no waiting period. If you're only just joining and specifically need the cover for a procedure like WLS then a top hospital product is always going to be the safest option, as it covers everything except cosmetic procedures - but joining over the phone will guarantee they have to tell you about any upcoming changes to products and the calls are recorded in case you need them. HCF's premium will be enough, the ultimate isn't really necessary for WLS its just a corporate top cover (unless you can get it cheaper then premium with a work discount ) WLS is being removed from lower levels of cover due to the amount of people joining, having the surgery then cancelling so they at least want top premiums for the year the person is paying. Its unfortunate, as PHI is so expensive but its the cost of business. $2000 in premium to pay for a $15k surgery and any possible complications simply isn't sustainable.