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  1. omelette in a pan, good quality heavy base pan. you need a grill (oven grill is fine) put on high. mix fresh Eggs with cream and whisked together. they should be thick like custard. Put a drizzle of oil and a tbsp of butter in hat and heat (oil will stop butter from burning.) pour eggs into sizzling pan, and tilt the pan immediately to cover it. let it set for a second, lift edges up and tilt the pan again so runny egg runs under edge of cooked edge. keep doing this on al sides of the pan until egg is 95 percent set. put filling in the middle (cooked filling is best, ie stir fried mushies, caps, garlic, top with cheese and put the whole pan in under the grill until the top i brown and the cheese is bubbling. flip edge over to make a half moon and slide on to plate.
  2. that was a typical menu day for me as well, except I had berries and cream as a dessert if I needed it I didnt go much on making all the sweet stuff as you say, it sort of feeds on your addiction, saying that, if you do like the convenience of grab and go products, this is great site http://lowcarbcentral.com.au/about-low-carb-central.html
  3. Yep, you really have to get past that leanne. The temptation once you start is to start cutting back on the fat and increasing protein, and that can have a detrimental effect. Majority of your daily cals should be from fats.
  4. you are doing so well, and yes, possible to hit a plateau as with all diets. So Im saving that link , thank you Fantastic that you are a nurse and have opened up to this, its not normally the case.
  5. yep, a dollop of cream in your coffee or thin it down. Lose the milk for sure
  6. Hi Mookie Im feeling great, no post op issues at all apart from I have just begun to get cystitis..I was expecting it, I always get it after surgery..lol, going home tomorrow and am very excited about that! We still must live a life, so have your cake then get straight back on, or have a tiny sliver, and cut out all carbs for the whole rest of the day. I often used to trade carbs, and bargain with myself. we still have to enjoy it, or we wont stick to it. Diet soft drink stalled me, I had to give it away, and felt better for it too. I only have diet cordial now and sweetener in my coffee and eventually I will give that away as well. I cant drink carbonated bevs now anyway, and Im happy about it. Too much dairy does stall some people, but what stalls people more is cutting back on the fat because they are worried about the fats. Have your cream and keep your cheeses low, or have cheeses and give away the cream. Or have coconut cream in your coffee. Milk is full of carbs, you really want to give that away if you can. I ate on average 2-3 litres of cream a week. lol, loved it. "eating to the meter" is only really useful for diabetics. If your blood sugar is not spiking you are staying in a good range for weight loss, blood sugar spikes from carbs, so for example, I bought the slim pasta and checked my blood sugar i, 2 and 3 hours after (pasta traditionally spikes your BS hours later). A good result would have your blood sugar rise up to say 7-9 2 hours after and then begin to fall, with the slim pasta, even though its marketed as low or no carb, my blood sugar hit 9 two hours later, 11.7 3 hours later, 13 4 hours later, and then finally began to drop. It took another 4 hours for it to come in range. Same thing happened to me with oats, sugar free lollies, atkins bars etc. BUT, each person is different, if there was mylitol in something, I couldnt have it. I had a list, foods I could eat and foods I couldnt. Pumpkin was off my list and carrots, all fruits apart from berries..well, I could have half an apple coated with a nut butter (not peanut) as the protein inhibits the carb absorption, obviously no potatoes , rice or bread..its still a restrictive diet in its own way but its alot easier to stay on it if you are not starving to death. If you combine your paleo with the LCHF, you will nail it. Most people I see fail at this start buying marketed low carb products, anything in a packet is processed, and it is only my opinion, but processed food is evil. I am away from home anf have been on purees, so soups etc, I have no blender here so have been eating heinz soups. I make my own normally. they taste chemical to me, and I am horrified by the ingredients list and the carb content. So much so that I have dialed it back now and gone on to two optifast shakes a day and 125ml of soup. Lesser of the evils I think.
  7. I used my BG meter mostly, and "ate to my meter" but I could always tell if I was in ketosis as ..TMI WARNING..when I went to the loo my urine had a sweet smell. I never had the acetone breath some people get, thankfully.
  8. lots of people eat them and are fine. if you can make your own though, even better. butchers will often sell the fat off the pork separate, or buy a pork roast, you can eat that too! Some people use ground up pork rinds to make pankcakes (it can be a flour substitute) the more you pull away from packet stuff, the better, but if you are losing on it, go for it! Hows the weight loss, has it started to come down yet? do you feel better?
  9. thats right missy, I did that at Christmas, and put on 4kg in a matter of week. its a diet with a lot of leeway in what you can eat, but you must follow it to the letter or its catastrophic. I used to have under 30g carbs per day, but that suited me, and was where I felt most comfortable. watch out for hidden carbs, they are everywhere. Equal sugar or one of the powdered ones has a wheat based anti caking agent, sneaky little carbs in there Cornstarch is another one, so most bought gravies/soups etc are out. Eat Clean and you will avoid all that stuff
  10. be careful with the slim pasta, jury is definitely out on that one. For anyone starting this diet, if you have a blood glucose diet, check your bloody sugar one hour, two hours and three hours after eating and you will get an indication of what the food you are eating is doing to you. chewing gum stalled me, and atkins bars (mylitol) if you dont have a BGC meter get ketostix. you are far better off with the zuchinni pasta. I have seen people fail on this diet when they start getting too creative with using bought products, your very best bet is to eat as clean as possible, stay away from low carb, no carb pre packed things and stick to lots of healthy fats, meat and veg, in that order good luck
  11. thisis a good facebook page for coconut recipes http://www.facebook.com/CoconutRecipes?ref=stream also, the wheat belly diet facebook page is a good resource too http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wheat-Belly-Recipe-Central/124754534306616?ref=ts&fref=ts
  12. this book is highly recommended http://www.amazon.com/The-Low-Carb-Gourmet-Delicious-Satisfying/dp/157954990X i got mine quite cheap from the UK, you'll need to search
  13. hi guys, ive been sleeve now, and am finding it quite hard to eat the carbs I am eating, and cant wait to get back on regular food so I can go back to this way of eating. Missy, if you want to cut those carbs down further, cut out the milk and use cream (or cream mixed with water instead) much less carbs than milk, and freaking awesome if you have real coffee..use highest fat cream you can get, gippsland is a good one, or try it with coconut cream i will find the names of the recipes books I bought, and post them. for a delish sweet treat, try caramel nuts: cook 1/4 c butter in a frying pan with 1/4 c cream, and 1 tsp stevia powder. cook until syrupy and golden, remove from heat, toss nuts in ( I use macadamia or Brazil nuts) and pour out on to a piece of silicone baking paper and cool. break up into delicious toffee nuts. word about nuts: some things are known stallers: nuts - I could eat shit loads but mostly of my friends could only have a handful or they slowed weight loss caffeine, drink caffeine free coffee diet soft drink I never got into baking treats etc with almond flour and all that because if I made them, I ate them, so I made the coconut fudge and the nuts, both of which I kept in the freezer and had once every couple fo days, to train your brain to go without the sweet taste get coconut oil, bananban is a good one, virgin but it tastes like coconut, I used ot have a tsp of it in my coffee...and it is awesome as a skin moisturiser..... for cooking eggs etc, woolworths does a unflavoured one in the health food aisle. i ate more saturated fat in the last year than probably altogether in my life and when I went for my ultrasound a month ago, the man said I must eat very well as my liver was super healthy. As you are all finding out, you have limitless energy, your skin will improve, your clear headed and powerful on this diet. But you can never mix it up, you must stay on it, or go off it comletely. ill post up more tips when I get home. good luck to you all
  14. Sezza

    April Sleevers

    thanks lawrence, in my dietitians notes it says to never eat more than 1/2c at any one time so Ive been working on that premise, 125ml. i feel fine on that, and satiated, which I suppose is the name of the game. tonight for my liquid I had 125ml of jarah choc au lait made with milk and I definitely felt full after that, think I might have drunk it a bit fast, and I didnt like the feeling of fullness, but Im glad I had it so I know what it feels like
  15. Sezza

    April Sleevers

    so glad to hear you are ok Lox I feel very lucky. I am having a dream run. I have had no pain whatsoever, or sickness. I am already eating purees (surgeon said it was ok) and can eat 1/4 cup thin porridge and fruit puree no worries, and i having no trouble getting my liquids in, including optifast (which I still like) the only thing I cant do is drink a whole cup of coffee, but I used to only have a 200ml nespresso before anyway. I dont feel the restriction or full feeling after a couple of tsps of food that other people have, but I am totally unconcerned about that. I was never going to test the limits of my sleeve anyway, and I will self restrict rather than rely on the sleeve to restrict me. Its enough to know I can never eat the volume of food I could eat before, and its enough for me to think that I need to put quality above quantity, so as soon as I am on unrestricted foods, I will be having good quality protein, with veg and quality carbs, and I hope this will be enough to see me through to the skinny person that is inside me, dying to get out.