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  1. Tasannie

    March 2013 Bandits!!!

    good luck!! I'm sure all will go well :-)
  2. Tasannie

    March 2013 Bandits!!!

    I had bloating both from the gas used to 'inflate' me for surgery, but also in my stomach and nether regions I'm not sure why, but I think it was due to the sudden change in my stomach's environment. Also, for the first few days, about the only thing I could really tolerate had a fair bit of sugar in it (icy poles, juice, etc.) and I think all that sugar didn't agree with me that well. From what I understand, moving around helps to disperse the CO2 in your system more quickly. It also seemed to help with the tummy problems too.
  3. Tasannie

    March 2013 Bandits!!!

    I felt like a beach ball. I swore I was so bloated I was going to pop. It settled down after about 4 days or so, although there were the occasional bouts that flared up. Heat packs (I used a hot water bottle), walking and some drinking yogurt seemed to help. I found it hard to have any variety in what I consumed, but I figured it was only for a few weeks and I could get through it I had cup o'soups, tomato soup, made my own chicken stock and added this to cooked veggies and then blended, yogurt and custard. Although I was really over sweet stuff and the custard didn't really agree with me. Good luck everyone! Almost 4 weeks since the procedure and I'm settling into things fairly well. Almost off 'mushies', although I find they're easy to prepare and will continue with some of them afterwards.
  4. Tasannie

    Liver Cleanse .. HELP!

    My surgeon didn't even have me on an optifast diet before surgery. Just look after yourself as best as you can...stress isn't what you need right now
  5. Tasannie

    Start 149kg - Today 66kg

    Wow! That's a real transformation! You look amazing...and so happy, too!
  6. Tasannie

    March 2013 Bandits!!!

    Good luck to both of you! You'll be fine
  7. Tasannie

    March 2013 Bandits!!!

    I found that walking seemed to help. Like others, I have always been very regular. And while I kind of expected things to take awhile to adjust and settle down after surgery (day 17), this has been the thing that has been most annoying. Don't want to rely on too many supplements, but I guess I'll need them in the short term. I have some Metamucil every other day or so, try to drink enough water, steer clear of caffeine, etc. Pear juice was recommended to me and I've been having the occasional glass of it. Although I have to say that sweet things and juices are hard for me to drink...so over sugary things! I figure it's still early days and perhaps things will even out a bit once I'm eating 'normal' food.
  8. Tasannie

    Ketosis and Bad Dreams

    Yep. Not bad dreams but quite vivid and memorable dreams.
  9. Tasannie

    The Biggest Loser

    The women at least do get to wear nice bras and knickers! But I agree...not sure I could handle that.
  10. Tasannie

    New to banding - Dr Treacy

    Hi rnrjay, I don't know how it might be for you there, or if you are going private or public, but here's what happened for me (I'm in Tassie). I met with the surgeon and came prepared with some questions - mostly about the procedure itself. He spoke about the procedure and what to expect after the operation and for the first few weeks after that. He said that with the adjustment fills, I should expect to lose between 1/2 - 1 kilo a week, and that I should be able to get to my goal weight within the year. There was no pressure to have the procedure...this was just an information session. But I did decide to go ahead with it during that meeting, and we booked a time for me to have the procedure. I have private cover and was able to have the procedure done at my convenience. I chose to have it done 3 weeks after that appointment. He gave me some more information to take home and read and said that I could contact him at any point if I had any further questions. He also told me what the fees would be and that I would be contacted by the hospital and the anesthetist to meet with them prior to the procedure. I had the pre-admission meeting at the hospital about 10 days before the operation, and then met the anesthetist a week before. I didn't have to go on a liquid/Optifast diet before the operation as my surgeon said it wasn't necessary. Other surgeons do recommend it. I think generally the liquid diet is started 2 weeks before surgery. Don't know if that helps or not! Good luck!
  11. Tasannie

    March 2013 Bandits!!!

    If you can't handle prune juice, try pear juice. It was recommended to me and I tried it...it works.
  12. Tasannie

    The Biggest Loser

    Hmm...that's a tricky one Working Mum. What does you co-worker think? I don't know that you have an unfair advantage...you have another tool at your disposal, but it's not like you don't have to still do the right things to get the results. You could talk to the others that might be involved...perhaps as they're wanting to lose weight they will be understanding and accepting...but I know how it is with only telling some people. I suppose if you participated and they found out that you had the lap band, others may think you did have an unfair advantage. I guess that's not much help at all!
  13. Tasannie

    March 2013 Bandits!!!

    Hi Miguided... Happened to me too! I was so disheartened as I thought surely after all that I would have lost SOMETHING!! But came out almost 2kg heavier. My husband commented, after seeing my chart at the hospital, that they'd given me during my stay almost 8 litres by IV, that's 8 kg. I was in for 2 days (bad reaction to the anesthetic). I'm sure a lot of what you have gained is due to fluids! The next few days after the op, I lost all of that and more.
  14. Tasannie

    March 2013 Bandits!!!

    Hi all... My band was done on 4 March, and the first 2 weeks were a challenge I fluctuated between forcing myself to eat, wondering what to eat, feeling hungry, wanting to eat but not being able to bring myself to eat... I was so over sweet things and milky things. I just wanted something REAL. Made lots of chicken stock and tried to find ways of getting more flavour and 'stuff' into me. I felt sore for the first week, then just tired and a bit tender around my port on the 2nd week. Then started mushies 2 days ago. And I feel pretty much normal! It's great to be able to have things that look and taste good. And I went to the gym yesterday (no impact, mostly stretching and some squats, etc.) and feel absolutely great today. I think getting out and moving has really helped a lot. But now it's getting difficult...I know there's more I can now eat, but I have to remind myself that I have to make smarter choices. I have to make what I eat count for something nutritionally, not just shovel in whatever tastes good or have a craving for. I'm finding it hard to remember to drink enough water throughout the day. I don't have a problem with water, but I just never drank that much of it before. Hope you're all doing well It's great to read about everyone's experiences!
  15. What about increasing the protein in your diet? I know that when I've cut down on the carbs (not completely!), I've been able to kickstart things. Maybe eggs in the morning and/or tuna salad or similar for lunch? It also helps with cravings for me. I find that I don't want the sweet stuff nearly as much when I'm getting more protein. Good luck! And no doubt things will start moving again...it's a long-term thing!