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  1. Dr changed my goal weight to 75kg to 80kg - anything lighter is too much - therefore over half way there :D

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    2. dondon
    3. kateye_diamond


      im 5'9 ... I have honestly not been 80kg since I was about 14 so its going to be weird...

    4. kateye_diamond


      oh and its extremely exciting to have past half way and only since march as well - fingers crossed I can lose the other half by this time new years next year

  2. not as bad as i thought 2kg in 1 month - still on track i think - feeling a bit happier

  3. Have only really lost 0.5kg's this month :( ... Defiantly in a plateau - it's not over eating because the band is defiantly giving me restriction guess its time to start exercising properly! Grrr but its sooo cold I don't wanna go for walks :(

  4. Im claiming 26kg lost in 19 weeks - coz I'm only 0.1kg off :)

  5. kateye_diamond

    question for joondalup hospital bandits

    I saw them only 1 week before surgery - dont get to stressed about it. If your worried call the surgons office and they will follow up! Its not anything massive, if you being banded the just ask about your teeth (make sure their not wobbly or might fall out) confirm allergies and let you know what will happen. Didnt even need to have bloods done or anything. I was a bit lucky my mum is a nurse and Joondalup and works on the Private ward where the banded patients go so she checked everything was good to go a couple of days before!
  6. Finalyafter nearly 2 years of not wearing my wedding ring becasue it would not fit, its back on my finger and actually feeling a little loose, still only 10kg to loose before im down to the weight i was dec 2008 but by GOSH its good to actually see/feel the changes #superhappy

    1. FreshStart2


      I've had to stop wearing my engagement ring because I've lost to much weight and it's too big for any of my fingers now. :( I FEEL NAKED! I panic thinking ive lost it, til i remember i took it off and put it away safe. lol

  7. Lost 2kg in 2 days - had 0.5ml removed from my band - now feeling a lot better! 4ml was just too much for me :(

  8. starting to think band has too much liquid in - still cant keep anything NON liquid down... 3rd day after fill i should be able to ear scrambled egg, right?

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    2. Veggo Mumma

      Veggo Mumma

      It took about a week after my last fill for it to settle, but I guess it depends how much fluid you have in your band?

    3. kateye_diamond


      So went to the Dr got 0.5ml taken out! Much much better can actually eat egg!

      That feeling was horriable Soo happy to have some removed

    4. Notlongnow


      I had this problem a couple of weeks ago and it was awful. The only problem now is that i feel i dont have enough fill. back to the Dr's tomorrow for some more.

  9. kateye_diamond

    Crock Pot Sour Cream and Onion Chicken

    you should be able to substitute to cream of mushroom with cream of chicken - i will NOT EAT mushrooms so thats what ill be doing - gonna try this on the weekend i think
  10. second fill done - another 2ml (total 4ml) have put on 2kg in the last few weeks - woops - but now struggeling to eat 1 small banana :S mmmm maybe 4ml is too much?

    1. Mookie


      Usually after a fill we are asked to be on liquids for 24 hours before mushy or soft food. Try that :) Hope it helps

    2. kateye_diamond


      the Dr said Soft/mushie foods for 3 days.

      Bananas are normly prety soft but i think this one wasnt quite ripe. my yogurt when down fine and will have spoup for dinner i think - Thanks for the suggestion Mookie

  11. im definatly one of those people who cannot eat bread - gosh i get stuck every time - you would think i would learn DO NOT EAT BREAD but im trying, bread is one of my weekness foods lol

    1. Bumblebee


      It seems I haven't learnt either!!!!

  12. kateye_diamond


    how long have you been banded for. i know i got headaches and it was like withdrawal. this is a massie change for our bodies and i know i pretty much when from drinking 2L of coke a day to nothing overnight. and i got CONSTANT headaches. could be the other things mentioned but honestly if you have made major changes not only is it stress but your body will be reactice to not haveing the things its had for a while. might be a good idea to thing about the main thing you cut out - if it sugar add some back into your diet (only a small amount) with a glucogel or something really small and insignificant but just see if that reduces the head arch, i know it worked for me.
  13. kateye_diamond

    Whats Your Favourite Brekky

    i just cant go past weetbix mushed up and microwaved. - dont know why but love it perfect world id be doing an egg evey morning on a crumpet or enlish muffin. but its like $4.00 for 12 eggs (and im really poor at the moment) and means i nead to wake up at least 20mins earlier becasue i really shouldnt cook when im half asleep lol
  14. kateye_diamond


    you look amazing. but its the smile that keeps changing as well thats inspireing to me.
  15. kateye_diamond

    fast weight gain after loss?

    i think it is i gain a kg a day on average but the next morning it has generaly gone back to a kg less - my daily variation is about 1kg depending on the time you weigh yourself you may find the same thing for you - but depends on whats going on, eg are you eating bad, dirnking enought water or going to the loo. i mean i generally weigh lighter in the morning than at night. Are you seeing any variation during the day or only increases? ive been stuck at the same weight for a week now so im doing a fruit/veg week and shakes again to try get me back on track. hopefully that helps me