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  1. Hi guys im down here for a wedding on Saturday in Adelaide and my band has tightened on its own. Like it has done in the past and I now can't even hold down water. its so annoying can anyone suggest a doc close by for an adjustment near the Salisbury area thank you
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    New to banding - Dr Treacy

    How are U going?
  3. Hi all. I have just moved to Mill Park from Darwin NT. Had my op 31st jan this year. Start weight 92kg currently weigh 65kg. I work out 5 times a week on my home gym and I just can't shift the tuck shop arms. They flap loudly sometimes. My belly is also really floppy and jiggly. I was just wondering if anyone has had a tummy tuck/fold and or brachioplasty/arm lift. It seems bupa and Medicare pay the scheduled fee. I just don't know what the difference is after that and I know all doctors fees are different. I have heard that if the loose saggy skin has caused u depression which it has completely, then it is under a different code/ item number etc and it can be cheaper? I don't even know where to start to research or how much it's going to be and thought I would try here. Any recommendations/ advise would be muchly appreciated I am 30, no kids. Amanda
  4. I was banded the 31st of Jan. I could pretty much eat anything and was contastantly hungry. My first fill (4 weeks after the op) was 5 ml, which felt like I hadnt even had the band Then 4 weeks later, another 2.5 mill in, still no change could eat anything i wanted then 4 weeks later another 1.5 mil, still no food restrictions just smaller portions Then 4 weeks later, 1 mill in, thats when it started making a difference, i could eat bread randomly, meals were smaller after this top up then another 4 weeks later, .5 mill in, this has made a big difference and I have finally spewed (you hear of this happening all the time but it took months for my first spew) another 4 weeks later and got quarter of a mill in and now I am definitely restricted. I am finally in my green zone and cant eat anything too solid (but this is where i wanted to be) i eat about 1000 calories a day (all healthy) along with multi vitamins, fish oil, green tea tables and ALOT of exercise I started at 92kg and am now 70.8 My goal weight is 63kg and im 160cms I have the swedish band which goes all the way to 14mill, so ive got 10.75 mil in and wouldnt dare put any more in, even water can be difficult some days Good luck :-)
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    New to banding - Dr Treacy

    Hi rnrjay, I had my op with Dr Treacy Jan 30 this year. I first saw him sometime May/June last year. He asks you a few questions, like what have you tried in the past, like diets and stuff and asks family history and medical conditions etc. He will give u the run down on how the band works and what he expects it do for you. Also, he will give you some paper work to take home and read and also it gives you some time to think if its something you actually want to get. He will work out a goal weight and a realistic time frame. That also depends if you are going to exercise or not too. Some people dont at all. I have joined the gym last week, just so I can be healthy and tone up and stuff. I do an hour of cardio and 30 mins of light weights. Dr Tracey chose my goal weight as 72kg, but for me, I want my goal weight as 67kg. I havent been that weight since i was 15 and i am now 29. And im only 159cm. The gym will help me get there faster. As Dr Traceys time line for me was to get to 72kg in a year lol. Um yeah right. Im only 6kg from that lol. So yeah the gym is a big bonus. You are burning alot less than what you would have eaten pre op. Normally its like a month before you see him again. Then you will know for sure if you want it. Read over the paper work and highlight with a marker anything you dont understand or want to know more about. That's what I did. In the 2nd visit you can pretty much book in for your op then if you wanted to. I waited a while before my op because I wanted to enjoy my last Xmas with food lol so i decided I wanted to get mine in the new year. Plus if you have a hospital excess (like I do) once you pay it for the year, you can go back (heaven forbid) and not pay again. So if you ever need to go to hospital and stay at private, for ANY medical issue, and you have an excess, if you pay it once, you are covered for the whole calendar year (Jan-dec). My excess is $500, and you pay that on the day of your op when you rock up at the admin area. You will need to do a detox program first a month before it. The dietician will sort you out. It will be opti slim or kickstart. I was on kickstart and the shakes were pretty delicious. I was quite surprised. Some people only do 2-3 weeks of it, I did exactly 4 weeks, as It was going to benefit me in the long run and I lost 7kg in that month alone. I paid up all up out of pocket around $3500-$4000 (I cant remember now) and I have top cover with Bupa. My friend also had lap band with Dr Tracey and she is with medibank private. All up she was out of pocket for the anesthetist only $180 I think, not much at all. Whereas I was out of pocket $300. It also depends how long you are under for, but her and mine was the same bill cost but her insurer covered her more than mine. You have an xray (cant remember the exact name, something swallow), a day after your op. They send the bill to you like a month later and thats about $220 and Medicare pay about half when you take the receipt in. He does get fairly booked out with ops, but When i seen him one time, he had several spots the next month. So if you decided on your second visit you wanted it, you could pretty much have the surgery like literally 4+ weeks later. As long as you do your detox and all your paper work etc and have the money for all the upfront costs. Oh and its also depending on where you are getting it done. Im guessing you are getting it done in Darwin? After your 2 night stay in hospital, you wont see Dr Tracey until a month later. If all goes well you will get your first fill (adjustment) then. This is around $127 or something close and medicare pay $88, so your all good there. That's how much adjustments are all the time. So pretty cheap :-) My first fill I had 5 mil put in exactly a month after my op, then 4 weeks after that (which was thursday just gone) I had 2.5 more mil put in. You gradually work you way up in stages, and on 4 week stages, until you are happy. 5 mil didn't do much for me and I lost 1kg from the date of my very first adjustment to my 2nd one. So a whole month and only 1kg. That is completely normal. For me, I could eat all the same foods as If i didnt have a band in at all. I felt a tiny bit restricted, but couldnt wait to get more mil in. Now that I have 7.5 mil in, I feel a lil bit more restricted, but again, i think I need more in as I am not getting as full as I would like and Im doing all the right things, slow eating, water etc. Through-out the journey you will learn more. My friend got hers done 6 weeks before me, so i was using her as my guniea pig lol. But luckily for forums like this. There are so many people with so much good advice and I only joined just after my op. I hope this has helped somewhat. Happy Easter :-) Amanda