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  1. I was very selective of who I told mostly because I felt it was a deeply personal journey I needed to take and the other reason, I didn't want anyone's bullshit negative and ignorant crap thrown at me and people trying to "talk me out of it". Since the surgery, I have told a few more people. I'm very proud of my decision to make my life better and having the balls to actually do it - I find I still keep it to a select few and avoid the judgemental few. Usually the judgement is founded on ignorance. So far that's the way i've been - that's not to say i'll gain more and more confidence at the kgs come off and I won't care so much about the judgement :-) Each to their own - I still believe it is a deeply personal thing, so I say, do what you feel is right for you :-)
  2. MAD

    What do you people eat!!?!!

    Howdy doody I'm almost 8 weeks post op and I have the following: Breakfast: 1/2 a weetbix with 200ml pauls skinny milk Morning tea: coffee made on water (instant style) - if i feel like it and I need warm my hands 'cause it's so freaking cold Lunch: 2 cruskits with some philly cheese, avocado, a thin slice of ham and a teeny bit of tomato chutney (YUM) Afternoon tea: nothing. Dinner: 1/4 cup of mince and 1/4-1/2 cup veggies - usually zucchini, pumpkin, cauliflower. :-)
  3. MAD

    Weekly weigh in

    Weighed in at 139.7kgs which is a 11.3kg loss at 3.5 weeks postop. 22.5kgs lost since preop.
  4. MAD

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    Had to buy new undies today!!
  5. MAD

    Scar issue

    you could say removal of gall stones? my SIL had gall stones removed and it was all keyhole and i remember seeing her incisions - they looked pretty similar to what I have now after having the sleeve. I think she had to take it easy for about a week post-op. I also like the sound of saying "investigative surgery" - and then closely followed, but "oh it's a long story" or "don't really want to talk about it" or "i'd rather not say" or something along those lines.
  6. MAD

    May Sleevers

    I have just come back from the doctor to be told I have sinusitis and I'm on antibiotics :-( Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!
  7. MAD

    SBS Tonight - A negative bandit :(

    Hey missy_belle - she commented on the show that she lost 90kgs before her band eroded.
  8. MAD

    SBS Tonight - A negative bandit :(

    She made me really angry with some of her comments. I'm sorry but you still have to take ownership and be accountable for your own decisions. There's countless articles and published papers all about risks and complications about these surgeries...you can't honestly sit there and say... "You surgeons are selling a product to us fatties and taking advantage of our vulnerability". Don't get me wrong, it's a very sad state of affairs, but I get angry when someone tries to pass the buck...you are responsible for your decisions. When I went for my first appt, one of the Pre-requisites was getting the psychologists clearance... I really think this lady would have benefited from something like that (assuming she didn't Pre-surgery) I just wish there would have been a spokesperson for the positive to rebut or at least comment on her comments. Such a loaded discussion.
  9. MAD

    May Sleevers

    Good to hear cdazzle! You're doing great matey. One day at a time. :-)
  10. MAD

    How much food is "normal"?

    I had a bit of trouble finding it.. Looks like its a Nestlé brand I think. Only place i could find it was online at www.pharmacyonline.com.au.
  11. MAD

    How much food is "normal"?

    Don't stress darling. I spoke to my dietician about this the other day... Preparing for mushies, she said just go a teaspoon to 2 teaspoons to start and gradually move up but slow and steady wins the race. It's just like the fluids (well it was for me)... I couldn't do much at all but gradually I found I could have a little more each time and finally managed 150mls. It just took a little while. On the protein side, I have the same worry and my dietician told me to get some BeneProtein to put into my food...it's tasteless and will help get protein into you which is why you'll be tired etc. it's all about trying to get all the good stuff into you :-) I'm also going to give those musashi drinks a go which was another recommendation by the dietician. Just gotta find what works for you and give your tummy time to settle xo
  12. MAD

    May Sleevers

    Oh thanks Ricki. Yeah I might have to give them a call in the morning. This is seriously shit house and I'm back at work tomorrow.
  13. MAD

    May Sleevers

    The blood has finally ceased. But in place of that, I seem to have developed a case of reflux for the last 2 days...it's awful. What can I take for reflux with my belly? What did everyone else take or do for reflux?
  14. MAD

    Woken up feeling horrible

    Great point dondon. I've read quite a few people have had issues with pain meds causing them nausea.
  15. Thanks for the support everyone. I went to the dietician and she's told me I'm doing well...which was a surprise considering I haven't had as much as I thought was necessary. She told me to keep going with what doesn't upset my tummy and add another glass of milk to my day... Which I can do. She's said I can start getting onto some potato or pumpkin mash gradually which might help in a few days. She's told me to also get some Beneprotein which is tasteless protein powder to put in everything. She said this will help as well and some inner health acidophilus to help get some good bugs back in my system. So annoyed though... I just finished telling her that the Vaalia breakfast yoghurt was staying in the belly well then get home and have some for lunch and back on the toilet again with tummy ache. The dietician did also say that it can often be the texture that cause the tummy aches and cramps because the tummy is still trying to settle. I guess this is what I've learnt... No two days are the same... Persevere because you tummy might like something one day and then not the next. Talk about changing the goal posts!