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  1. I've had my band for 5yrs now with no problems, when I need an adjustment I see Dr Cheong (whom I think is fab) at Dr Dolan's clinic. I recently had some fill out as I required surgery, I've phoned today to get an appt as am really keen to have the fill put back in (I'm beginning to overeat) but the office telephone msg states that the clinic is closed until 16 July!!! Dr Dolan was great and did my band surgery, but I always see Dr Cheong for adjustments as she seems to run to time and I really like her, however I do begrudge being charged for fills, fortunately its not that often. A friend has suggested that I contact BMI in Joondalup, as well as being nearer to home, they bulk bill and are a practice that appear to have some good reviews. Just wondering if anyone else has switched clinics for their adjustments and whether you'd recommend BMI for gastric band adjustments. TIA.
  2. Sleaty

    Plastic Surgeons

    Hi Carolyn I recently had tummy tuck with Dr Anh Nguyen (www.dranh.com.au) she has a clinic in the city and Burswood. Its still early days for me, but am so very pleased with the result so far. I found Dr Anh and her staff very professional, helpful and friendly.
  3. Hi guys Well, I'm 5 years banded and still love my band.... I'm currently off work recuperating from tummy tuck surgery and really feel I've reached an end point to my weightloss journey. However, I know much has changed over the last 5 years and tomorrow my husband starts his pre-op diet before having the gastric sleeve surgery in 2 weeks time, and I want to be as supportive as possible to help him reach his goal. His/our lifestyle involves meeting up with friends at pubs, restaurants, golf club, cafes etc infact if I'm totally honest everything we do involves alcohol and food.... so I would love some ideas and tips on what we can do, where we could go to fill our time during the weekends that is not centred around eating and drink or just walking along the beach. We live in Perth, WA Thanks all x
  4. Can anyone recommend a good protein powder that I can purchase easily in Perth? I'm looking for something high protein, low carb and tasty. I've been reading about a brand called 'Syntax Matrix' which appears to have great variety of flavours and the reviews are good, but its American and the shipping costs are huge! So wondering if anyone can recommend a brand I can purchase here. Many thanks.
  5. Its been a while since I've visited this site and now two posts in the same hour lol! Its 3.40am and I cant sleep so thought I'd share my journey with some of the newbies looking at lapband, as my personal experience has been positive. I had my lapband around 3yrs ago, and am one of the lucky ones in that so far I've been really pleased with it, I lost 25kg and am enjoying feeling healthier and slimmer! I can buy clothes I like rather than clothes that just fit, I can do boots up around my calfs, I can fit aeroplane seats comfortably, and I'm not always the biggest person in the crowd anymore (never the smallest, but still not the biggest) I feel fitter and I can still eat most foods. One thing I would say though, is that the band is a tool and not a fix, you have to work with it. Over the last few months I have gradually gained around 6kg, but if I am honest its user error.... I'm eating bigger portions, wrong type of foods, not exercising as regularly! I need to get back on track, become accountable again, and start using my tool properly! I'm hoping to be more focused and to loose the kilos gained. x
  6. Sleaty

    Nauseaus issues

    Hi guys Wanting some advice - I had lapband surgery around 3yrs ago now, and have found that since having the band I can no longer vomit, can heave but can't vomit eg. gastro or bad hangover! This is generally not a problem, but I am booked in for cochlear implant surgery in January and some of the symptoms post surgery whilst in recovery are dizziness, nauseaus and possible vomiting. I'll obviously discuss this with the anaethstist (spelling?) but wondered if anyone had similar issues following surgery, and what you did to overcome this? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hope you ok now Kaz? Have to say I'm not doing too well...... bit obsessed with the scales,did 2 days of optifast with 2 bowls of veg, stayed off the vino (which is unheard of for me lol) weighed myself on day 3 and had gained 0.2kg..... got disheartened and ended up eating foods again. Not sure whether to get back on optifast for the week, or to stick with protein/veg only and omit the carbs??? X
  8. Yesterday's weighing 76.4kg....... x
  9. Sleaty

    Celebrating reaching 100% goal

    Absolutely fantastic.... very well done - very inspirational!
  10. Morning all, Well just what I needed to read! My weight has plateaued between 75kg-77kg, I gain a kilo or two and then loose it, gain another and loose half...... haven't moved lower for months now and my goal is 70kg! Am off to a Melbourne Cup event today so will indulge, but will join you on the optifast tomorrow. I think I'll try doing 2 weeks, but won't do it over the weekend and see what happens. Banana was definitely my fav flavour......! Lets hope we all get loosing.... x
  11. Sleaty

    It all starts in May 2013

    Hi guys Thought I'd come back and post as its my BAND ANNIVERSARY tomorrow...... wow what a year... and how quick that time has gone...! Am I glad I had the band - hell yes!!, any regrets - none!! I haven't lost as much as everyone on this site, but to date have lost 24kg with another 7kg to get to me original goal and I am soooo pleased with that, there is no way I would have lost anymore than 8kg without the band and then it would have all returned within a couple of months of loosing. I am proud to say that I weigh 76.4kg and am probably the lightest weight I've been since my teens. I really enjoy exercising now, I am not a gym fan and never will be, but I do so love zumba and try and go at least 3 times a week, I enjoy netball once a week (never thought I'd ever play a team sport again....), and have recently started going XtendBarre classes for toning. If I don't exercise I feel sluggish and meh, its part of my weekly routine now. One of the best parts has been revamping my wardrobe, passing on my size 22 clothes and restocking my wardrobe with size 14 and 16 - whoop!! Buying a mini skirt to wear with opaque tights....and seeing my daughter roll her eyes lol, tight fitting jeans, clothes that I like and can choose to buy other than buying those that I don't particularly like but fit! Wearing boots that do up around my calves, to go out and feel sassy is a great feeling. The band is definitely a tool and not a fix, but if you work it well it does what it is supposed to do! Up until my last fill, I could still eat any foods (albeit smaller portions) including bread, pasta etc, infact there was nothing that I couldn't eat - more recently I have to be a little more careful. My social life hasn't changed I still drink wine (infact the band has made no difference to how much I can drink and my levels of getting drunk), I still go out to eat and will eat any cuisine, although I only order an entrée which is plenty..... so the band hasn't stopped me doing anything socially. I LOVE my band! Whether its 20kg or 120kg we have to loose, we are all on the same journey, we just take different routes to get there - I hope that everyone else reaching their band anniversary has travelled well and has no regrets...... x
  12. Sleaty

    success for smaller weighloss

    I'm 2 weeks off my band anniversary and to date have lost 23kg, my goal is to loose 30kg. My weight loss has been slow, but up until my last fill I've been able to eat any foods (albeit smaller amounts), so have been able to enjoy meals out with friends/familyI without feeling anxious about getting stuck, so I haven't felt that I have been missing out. Since having my band, I've felt great, have dropped clothes sizes so now enjoy shopping, have found a love of exercise (zumba and netball), feel more confident, and know I look nicer than I used to. Slow and steady wins the race - best thing I've done! Take a look at my blog....... good luck x
  13. HI all, Many of the blogs I read tend to be American, and lots of.people mention the protein powder called Unjury i can't seem to find it here in WA, and only seem to deliver on line to USA or Canada! I need to.find a good tasting, low fat protein powder, with low cals and high protein that tastes good! Can anyone recommend one that I can easily purchase here in Perth? I resort to my optimist shakes at times but am aware that there is a lot more protein and flavours in other brands ...x
  14. Sleaty

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    My recent nsv - tried on a pair of long boots and they did up across my legs - went horse riding with my daughter and friend on Saturday, pre-band days I would have been too heavy!
  15. Sleaty

    Parmesan tuna patties

    I tried this recipe from a book I'm currently reading and really enjoyed them - see what you think! I have 2 patties for dinner and the other two for lunch the next day: 6oz tin of tuna in water 1 tbs mayonnaise 1 egg 2 tbs grated parmesan cheese 2 tbs ground flax meal (I couldn't find this so used ground oat bran instead - not sure if this would affect the nutritional value?) dash onion powder salt and pepper - Drain tuna and mix all ingredients in a bowl and form patties. These amount makes 4 patties. - Add some cooking spray to pan and fry until brown, turn and cook other side. Nutrition value: Each patty = 132 calories, 16gram protein,