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  1. hoosieroz


    Sounds to me like he's eating the wrong foods and many times a day-he may have gotten the food all at once and then continued to eat it over a period of time-sad actually-I'm 13 months out and still have great restriction-especially in the morning-even if I do go off the rails and eat something naughty I can't eat very much of eat and it usually leaves me feeling crappy anyway so it's not even worth it-ie: greasy food or overly sweet food leads to dumping for me-I remember asking my surgeon about the sleeve stretching and he said you would have to overeat consistently and eat frequently to get it to stretch significantly-I believe he said the way they sew it now compared to even 3 years ago has prevented it from stretching like it once had a tendency to do-and they also found that if they sew it in a straight line instead of on a curve it leads to less reflux and will make you vomit if you overeat-crazy hey-over one year out and I still struggle to find the comfort zone of just below full-sometimes I hit it and sometimes I push it and either throw up or have to walk around for 20 minutes trying not to barf I know for sure that the surgeon said you can cheat on any WLS and no amount of surgery will fix your head-yu have to do that work yourself-unfortunately many WLS centers fail this area miserable and offer very little emotional help with eating addiction-epic failure on their part
  2. hoosieroz

    On a Stall - HELP??

    better get use to stalls-happens a lot-early on in my journey I found that I wasn't drinking enough water-extra fluids helps a lot-and mean minimum of 2 ltrs a day if not more
  3. let me reassure you that you will be full-I am a year out from my op and a normal meal for me would typically be 3/4 cup of spagh bolg, can't typically eat a 6 inch sub and can't even finish a kids size kebab, and I always order off the kids menu and never eat it all-lol the work comes from sticking to a high protein, low carb, healthy diet with a splash out every once in a blue moon
  4. hoosieroz

    2014 Sleevers

    All you gonna be sleevers-remember no pills of any sort for the first 2 weeks-tried to give me pills 3 different times in the hospital
  5. hoosieroz

    2014 Sleevers

    Even if I had severe complications I would not change my decision to have WLS-now that I'm on the other side I can clearly see how my weight affected me in so many ways-like I tell people, I have 2 birthdays, March 7th 2013 being my new body birthday and I sure the hell am not going back
  6. hoosieroz

    2014 Sleevers

    BIG HUGS Mandatrish-you can and will do this, for you and all the people who love you
  7. hoosieroz

    Post op pain

    walk walk walk-it help with the pain
  8. hoosieroz

    Blood Results-vitamins

    Update from me is-1 year out from sleeve surgery-55 kg down-blood results are perfectly normal now hears the kicker-I have taken absolutely no supplements or vitamins since 6 months-I simply got tired of all the damn pills and once I was able to eat normally and healthy-protein and veg first-I thought to myself I'll try no supplements for 3 months and see how that goes-9 month blood results cam back perfect-so thought I'd try it for another 3 months and my 1 year blood results just came back perfect-is this a fluke or just me, my surgeon could not believe it-either time-but it's true and I'm not gonna take any damn horse pills unless a deficiency is detected
  9. hoosieroz

    2014 Sleevers

    Popsicle-I am sorry that you had such a traumatic experience with your surgeon-I had just the opposite-I highly recommend you seek another opinion-I can see that you are scared about the "death rate"-but hear me out-you have to understand that the sleeve is recommended for people who have a higher BMI-over 35 according to my surgeon-therefore the operation would inheritantly be more risky-BUT only by a small margin-statistically the overall rate of mortality sits around 2.5 %-lapband being .7, sleeve being 1.2, bypass being 2.5, according to only 1 study, so yes there are risks with all surgeries and as you can see it increases with each surgery-now in saying all this this is only a 30 day mortality study and not a long term study on complications and potential weight loss-those are the facts my dear and am quit frankly pissed that this surgeon would scare you so much that you would only consider 1 type of surgery-I don't think the morbidity rate is that much different when you take in to consideration the long term effects that both the lapband and bypass have-I do know that I have many friends that work in ED departments around Australia and they are staggered by the number of patients that they see having complications with the lapband-and when speaking to a nurse at the hospital where I had my op and she said we had a patient down the hall that was fighting for her life from a lapband that had adhesed to her liver, well I knew right then I had made the right decision for ME, not you or anyone else on here and I'm not putting down other surgeries just speaking from my personal experience and what I have heard first had from nurses in Australia-you and only you can make the decision on what type of surgery to get but do consider all options-if your surgeon is competent and has a very high success rate then all options should be open to you without being scare shytless about one particular type-all the damn surgeries are scary, period-but guess what I'd rather be healthier now than live in a fat body for the next 10 years and die of a heart attack
  10. hoosieroz

    2014 Sleevers

    Even if I had to do it all over again I would do optifast for 2 weeks before my surgery whether the surgeon recommended or not-why you ask-because I felt like shyt for the first 5 days on optifast and can't even imagine going through that just after surgery-I'll assume it was detoxing from all the crap I put in my body
  11. hoosieroz

    Im new, was sleeved 29 January

    Dumping just makes you generally feel like crap-I get it if I eat anything too sweet-go figure-for me it's like having the very beginning of the flu where you know it's coming, sweaty, slight nausea, saliva gets thick, I don't usually throw up but man I wish I could-hope that helps-you shouldn't be getting much dumping in the early stages because you can't eat enough of any one thing to trigger it
  12. hoosieroz

    Lap Band Status...include Sleeve?

    This was originally requested back in October I believe-asking for an update is only expected after such a lengthy delay
  13. hoosieroz

    Loose Skin

    Oh Lord Nana I would kill someone if I had to wear pantyhose-my crotch already sweats like a tap-but I'm peddling anyway and I smile and think the skinny bitches are jealous cuz I can outlast them- I see those adds on TV for panti liners for sweating and just thinking what in the hell are they going to think of next
  14. hoosieroz

    Loose Skin

    Tish-my first thought was to say let'm have a good luck-LOL-but for me my skin just chaffs too much-so I found running tights at Target that hit just below the knee and I work out in them-so comfortable-and they smooth out the cottage cheese thighs-they are $30 and come in a few colors
  15. hoosieroz


    best protein by far is Horley's ice-can get it at any muscle mary shop