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  1. tryingagain2013

    3 months Post Op -- Sleeve

    Congrats on your weight loss, your looking fantastic
  2. tryingagain2013

    The Voice 2014.

    Thanks JellyBelly for posting link,, Im so glad I got to the see this - Beth you were amazing you should be so proud of yourself, as Im sure your brother is!. Dont give up on that dream.
  3. tryingagain2013

    11 months and 46kgs later...

    Wow, you look amazing, keep up the great work
  4. tryingagain2013

    Wedding Chatter

    All the best for Saturday Leanne, hope your day is everything you have hoped for and more. Cant wait to see some pics
  5. tryingagain2013

    PHI not covering band anymore

    Em85 do you mind if I ask who you changed to? I am currently thinking of changing PHI funds, we have top cover but what we pay seems high compared to what others say they are paying so Im going to have a look around, cant hurt right.....
  6. tryingagain2013

    World's Greatest Shave

    Wow, I had no idea how much hair you actually have until I saw the picture on the sponsor page lol Such an amazing thing you are doing!!
  7. tryingagain2013

    Wedding Chatter

    WOW Merrynda you look gorgeous....and happy!! I hope your day was perfect and I wish you and your hubby a lifetime of happiness and good fortune xx
  8. tryingagain2013

    Beauty Tips

    I really hope I did not offend/upset anyone with anything I said - that certainly was not my intention and never meant to make anyone feel they had to justify their beauty products or routines. I too have been overweight for as long as I can remember and have never felt worthy of feeling good. I never felt I was good enough to spend time/money on and had the opinion that I was so fat and ugly it wouldnt do me any good anyway and I didnt deserve anything that may make me even slightly happy. But when reading how even the smallest things like exfoliating or moisturising can make you all feel good, I was genuinely surprised that I found myself for the first time ever thinking about what I could do for me. Maybe its time for me to finally understand that no matter my what my weight is or what I look like to others I am a beautiful person on the inside and I too deserve to be as happy as others. And I am entitled to look after myself and start to feel good about being me. BeeBop - Im still interested in how your IPL machine goes over the next few months - I would see purchasing one as a great investment if it works as my excess facial hair really upsets me and knocks my confidence (almost as much as my weight) Im really looking forward to trying out some new beauty tips and focusing on myself even if just for 10 minutes a day for now - and as tishtish says - I will not feel guilty for taking some time out for me!
  9. tryingagain2013

    Beauty Tips

    WOW... I clearly do not look after myself at all, I have only had one pedicure and two facials in my life. I do not exfoliate or moisturise any part of my body - ever. I use a simple shampoo or conditioner at night let my hair dry while im asleep, wake up in the morning run my fingers through my hair, put sunglasses on my head and I'm ready...occasionally I put mouse on my fingers before running them through my hair lol!! No make up, no perfume, no body washes or creams. A simple roll on deodorant, bar of soap in shower, veet hair removal cream once a week.....I am depressing myself writing this. Oh hang on - I get my eyebrows waxed and hair coloured and cut approx every 3 - 4 months (should be sooner I know) ** New new years resolution - buy/make myself some pampering products and start making time for me...
  10. tryingagain2013

    The funny things that happen when you lose weight.

    Good luck BeeBop, I am very interested to see how you go!!
  11. tryingagain2013

    The funny things that happen when you lose weight.

    haha Ozchick I had a friend who used an epilady, for months we would sit after work and have a chat and a coffee and she would whip it out of her hand bag and run it over her legs like it was the most natural thing in the world. I ventured into a shop and bought myself one, sat down that night in front of the TV, turned it on put it to my leg and turned it straight off again. OMG it hurt like hell - mine is also in the bottom of a cupboard somewhere!! I never told my friend I was so embarrassed that i couldnt handle the pain Kazbo It was a beauty salon I attended so perhaps there is something in that theory. When I complained/questioned that after so many sessions it was not reducing the hair I was told that I am significantly overweight and more than likely have hormone issues (yes PCOS amongst a few other issues) and that until I rectify these issues or lose weight the hair removal probably wont work!! This they did not tell me upfront, instead happily took my money!! Anyway I am currently almost 9 weeks pregnant, perhaps after my baby is born I might try a specialist clinic, or at least investigate further. I hate using tweezers/razors daily, it is very degrading and makes me feel more like an animal than a lady
  12. tryingagain2013

    70% to Goal Progress Shots

    Congrats on your weight loss to date - you look fantastic!!. All the best for reaching goal
  13. tryingagain2013

    50 kg's gone.

    Thanks for sharing, you look fabulous! All the best for reaching goal
  14. tryingagain2013

    The funny things that happen when you lose weight.

    Hmmm Kazawaki looks painful and I'm such a big chicken lol I should be brave and buy one and see how I go.....
  15. tryingagain2013

    New Years Resolutions/ Goals for 2014

    My new years resolution was to get into double digits by my birthday (June) however seeing as we recently found out we are expecting baby #3 (in August) I want to focus on maintaining my weight during this pregnancy. Also in light of this wonderful news I am going to focus more on my husband and our two girls, eliminating all unnecessary negative drama from others. I always manage to put everyone else's needs first and I cant say no to people so poisonous people who only take and never give are being removed from our life asap! I hope 2014 is a wonderful year for everyone and I cant wait to read about everyone achieving and exceeding their set goals