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  1. I have spent my life dieting and exercising however I find it very difficult to lose weight. My doctor has told me that because of my body type I have to eat 1/10th of what everyone else eats to lose weight. I’ve booked in to have the sleeve in November after having my band removed. My sister also has weight issues and now she wants to get sleeved as well. Which is fine and I would be happy to support her however I don’t think she needs it. She never exercises EVER, has never stuck to a diet plan, drinks alcohol throughout the week, doesn’t have a job so spends her days sedentary on the couch and she eats the same as my body building brother. So even Paris Hilton would get fat if she lived like this. Her lifestyle is a recipe for weight gain! I know that if she just started living a healthy lifestyle that she would lose weight, she is a naturally thin girl in her youth so I honestly think she doesn’t need the sleeve. The sleeve for me is a last resort, after all other options have been tried/tested however my sister hasn’t done any of these things. She sees it as a quick fix. Ive given her books to read about the sleeve and dieting but she is not interested in reading anything about it. She just thinks “Get a sleeve and be skinny forever” well yeah she might get skinny but if she doesn’t change her lifestyle and learn about what is healthy she will put weight back on. I don’t want to be seen as putting her down. It would be great for her to lose weight but I don’t think she should get the sleeve YET. She should at least try to lose weight on her own first right? I just think she should at least try before opting to have half her stomach removed! The sleeve would of course trigger a lifestyle change, but if she won’t even read anything about it she will revert to old habits. Just wondering if anyone can give some advice on how to deal with this?
  2. Natasha7000

    Have you been rejected? Band to Sleeve

    I called up and got an earlier appointment due to a cancellation. Doctor said YES! I am so excited. Getting my band out on Wednesday but I have to wait 8 weeks to get the sleeve. All booked for November Doctor said to me he has had the same conversation 600 times. That he would do 15 sleeves a week, 2 bypasses and 1 band. He reckons he wont be doing bands next year at that rate. I was so scared he would say no, when I asked him about the scar tissue he had a bit of a chuckle. They just cut it off.
  3. Natasha7000

    Have you been rejected? Band to Sleeve

    Apparently scar tissue grows around the band. More so if its slipped. Mine has slipped before so I am assuming the doc would have cut it all off when he fixed it. Just wondering if anyone has actually been refused a sleeve. I have to wait to the 20th to find out for myself.
  4. Hi guys, I have heard that if you have too much scar tissue that you cannot get a sleeve. Has anyone (or heard of anyone) been rejected? Has the surgeon ever said no? From operating band to sleeve. I have an appointment to discuss my options later this month. Thanks all, this site has been a great support for me. -Tash
  5. When did Optifast get so sweet?

  6. Natasha7000

    Family comments

    My family have never really been interested in my weight loss either. They only ever mention if I have put on weight, not if I lose it. I suppose it would be different if they hadn't seen me in awhile. Stuff em. Do what makes you feel good
  7. Natasha7000

    OMG, talk about fat shaming

    Have head office replied to you yet? That's so disgusting. It takes enough courage to even go to those meetings and then to know that the consultants behave like that....
  8. Natasha7000

    Condemned for a piece of fruit

    I'm not whinging that she called me up on it. I was upset about it because of how rude she was. She was angry at someone else that day and took it out on me. That's unfair and unprofessional. I would never do that in my job so neither should she. I ate a mandarin after over 24 hours on fluids and I was having bad hunger pains. Hey if I ate a whole bloody meal THEN I would take it. I would GET it. I went into the clinic today to get another fill. The Doctor knew about what happened and before I said anything she apologised to me about it. I told her about how I ate a piece of fruit and she saw nothing wrong with that. She knows me and my past experiences with the band, she knows how hard I have worked to lose weight and my history. She knows that I am good and do NOT fall into the category of bandit which the receptionist put me in. I dont have to put myself in her shoes TishTish because I already am. At my work I have a similar role however I would never take my anger out on someone who I am supposed to help. This being in the medical industry makes that so much more important. Anyway, If someone hasn't followed the rules then its the Doctor who should speak to them about it. I was told to make another appointment if I didn't feel restriction and that's what I did. I now have 9 mils in my band and YES TishTish I am on bloody fluids.
  9. Natasha7000

    Condemned for a piece of fruit

    Yesterday I got a fill, I had been at 4ml for 4 months because I went overseas, I got a fill up to 7ml. Its a huge jump but I had 9ml before. Swedish band. Since yesterday I haven't felt much difference. I stayed on fluids all night and then just now I ate a mandarin because the hunger was strong. I know i am supposed to be on fluids but I was feeling nothing! My Dr said to make an appointment with her next week if that was the case. So I called up the office. I said to reception that I would like to make another appointment because I wasn't feeling restriction. I told her I had been on fluids and eaten 1 mandarin a moment ago. Her reply was "I don't know why YOU PEOPLE do this". I said excuse me? She busted her nut at me for eating 1 mandarin! She ASSUMED to know what my doctor has recommended! I was so angry I hung up on her. I called again after I had calmed down a bit and she was being the biggest B! She was treating me like I had gone and eaten a big mac after a fill! I told her she had no right to say that to me and that the Dr had said to make another appointment. She replied saying "I dont want to go round a round in circles with you, do you want an appointment or not". To which I replied YES, but I want to speak to someone else. When I spoke to the other girl she was so nice, I broke down over the phone. I couldn't help it. The horrible woman is the manager so there is nothing I can do apart from contact the main doctor directly. I dont want to make it weird if I go there again though. But they way this woman had said YOU PEOPLE, what? does she mean FAT people? Why does she even WORK at a WLS clinic! Does anyone have advice on how to handle this? Right now I feel like ripping out this fricken band from my body and throwing it in that Bs face!
  10. Natasha7000

    Plug (Gross Warning)

    my yellow signs are the similar: Look for food, feeling hungry, larger portions, need to eat lots to keep full my red signs: sometimes have night time cough, if I drink water I might puke up a tiny bit, I have to stand up to let food go through and tiny sips of water otherwise it wont budge
  11. Natasha7000

    Plug (Gross Warning)

    I tried hot tea without milk this morning and it helped with the "jellyfish" its weird that I have yellow and red signs? Going to get another fill soon. Thanks for you help everyone! Its interesting to read the replies :-)
  12. Natasha7000

    Plug (Gross Warning)

    Does anyone else have to "clear" a "plug" each morning before being able to drink water or eat? So gross sorry, but I have to do this!! This means I have to puke up spit every morning Just wondering if anyone else has this, I read about people actually being able to have breakfast, its been so long since I have eaten breakfast....
  13. Natasha7000

    Feedback on new site

    Everything is so white and bright. It hurts my eyes
  14. Just had a huge 1.5 fill, this brings me up to 9.5 mil in a 12 mil band. Time to get my soup on!

  15. Natasha7000

    How to get over someone insulting your weight.

    I am feeling a bit better today. Being at work is helping, I am keeping myself as busy as I can to distract myself., I think this whole thing hurt me more than I should because I have put on a few kg. I have been lucky in the sense that I was not bullied for my weight in high school, so getting this particular taunt is new to me. I don't care if people call me a Sl ut because I know that's not true. BUT I am fat I will try to turn this into motivation, but then again I dont want to use HIM as motivation, the prick..