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Found 31 results

  1. Bigm666


    Hey guys I'm very curious why are we being told specifically to use optifast only?? Also is it just two weeks preop all food is just optifast nothing else? And then a few weeks post op liquid only is that also optifast or soups etc I'm hoping to go full bypass next yr
  2. HailStorm

    17 days to go!

    It is getting real! 17 days to go, all pre-operative appointments & payments done. Pre-operative diet starts on Wednesday, I am going to miss the occasional wine! The only thing is.... fear is setting in. Ultimately its the fear of failure, the fear of complications and the fear of regret. Did anyone else experience this? Any advice?
  3. Gerri


    I am in the second week of my Optifast and have come so far in just this short time. The problem is I'm craving potatoes like crazy!
  4. Good morning everyone. I'm having lapband revision surgery in a few weeks and need to revisit 2 weeks of Optifast. I recall there's 2 formulations of the shakes and one is better than the other. Which is which? Also, I'll be looking to buy a combination of chocolate shakes, bars and chocolate and lemon desserts ... does anyone know if they're on sale anywhere at the moment please? (Actual shops, not online.) Thanks!
  5. I noticed Tony Ferguson no longer has reduced their flavours, or do they only have them periodically? Their website (and our chemists) only have the regular strawberry, choc, vanilla, caramel, coffee etc flavours. Wheres the mango, mint, wildberry, toffee, choc cherry etc. etc. ? So disappointed! Does anyone know of any other good brands that have interesting flavours? Thanks
  6. Kamma_Flarged

    Surgery date 9 months away...

    G'day peeps... I just came across this forum, and am ticked pink that it exists. It's always good to get local/domestic input as opposed to international from time to time. So here goes... My lap-band surgery date is in October; a hell of a long time away. Had no cash on hand to perform the surgery ASAP since I on Newstart Allowance, so had to take the Private Insurance approach, which is sending me broke. Sounds like a double edged sword... heh... Trying to slow down on food intake, or even cutting out bad foods is a challenge I am losing every day. My weight was increasing, even after seeing the Professor @ Williamstown and attending the 3 appointments that were required. So, after cracking the s**** at myself, I went and bought a 12 pack of Optifast Shake Mixture. Today is day 4. I have had the runs since Day 1. The first day fluids and solids were mixed. The solids gradually declined and the fluids gradually increased. Today's output was just fluid. In regards to size, most of the feedback I have felt is in my legs and lower abdomen. Being 170-175kg at signup, probably higher prior to 4 days ago... not sure whether it is fat or excess fluid buildup that is being removed. I asked the Dietitian that works with Professor Nottle, and she said that I can be on the full Optifast Program for up to 6 months, I seriously doubt I will be to reach that duration, especially if Centrelink is on my back to work (I am a Carer for my 76yo widowed Mum, but according to the Government, she doesn't need one... pffft). I'm not sure what to do... try and tough it out without Optifast, force myself to consume vegetables instead of take-away/junk food... might even be forced off Health Insurance because I can't buy anything anymore (most of the time). Sell car... who knows, there goes job prospects. So yeah, that's my intro... thanks for reading and thanks for this forum!
  7. Wishing


    Two to go before surgery. Weight today is 108.4kg. I has a lovely dinner with my family last night at a delicious restaurant and today I've started the optifast pre surgery diet. Yum. The next two weeks can't go fast enough, I just want this done!
  8. newb_rach_2015

    Optifast - Ewww

    So I have had my band for about 3 & 1/2 months now. I have had reasonable weight loss. 16kgs, & I want to lose approx. another 32kg. My diet can be pretty good however, binge eating is something I have struggled with for many, many years (along with depression & a range of other thing which exacerbate binging) anywho..after 2 days where I binged on chocolate and ice-cream (went to the shops after a cross-fit session & was starving & went a little crazy, of coarse, once I had all the crap in my house I could help but eat it all) I decided a good way to try get the scales to move again would be a 2 week diet. I am not a big fan of diets because overall I think they are bullshit, I believe that healthy eating needs to be a lifestyle thing, but I have to have some balance because sugar is my thing. So optifast is VLCD, its what dr prescribes pre op so 2 weeks should be good, and with the band my hunger is a million times more controllable than in the past so I figured I should be able to get through if I stay focused, Well I made a shake or dinner tonight (no time like the present + tomorrow never comes) and I COULD NOT BELIEVE how absolutely DISGUSTING it tasted!! I do not know how I drank it before but there is NO WAY I can continue to drink them, they are going straight in the bin. I am loathe to spend any money to buy more either, I don't think it's likely I will find any I like. So back to square one to figure out what is going to be a good 2 week kick started...I have started making protein shakes with plenty of healthy added extras but I don't know if I would be getting enough of what my body need to use this as a meal replacement. Well bye for now <3
  9. Hi all, I'm a newbie here in the forums. I'm getting banded on the 26th of June, and have been doing opti since Monday. I've read on the forums about people hating the taste of opti and feeling quite ill in the first stages of keto. I know this is silly but I don't mind the taste and I'm feeling ok apart from a little bit hungry, but I'm worried that I'm not doing it right. I'm doing everything I've been told but I'm worried it's not working. Anyone feel the same?
  10. newb_rach_2015

    Optifast day 4

    So I am 4 days into Opti and I am on struggle street. I am day dreaming about food and the smell makes me have a food-gasm! I know that it's worth it and it's to make the surgery less risky. I cheated this morning, I woke in the middle of the night and ate rice bubbles, I was so hungry and I was half asleep which didn't help my self-will. I then had a bacon and egg mcmuffin for breakfast. Not good. I started at the gym this week which has been great (if I wasn't so tired!!) I had a PT session that really kicked my ass. I plan to go the next 3 days but rest up the day before surgery. But I wont push as hard as today just trying to get moving. I'm super excited only 5 days out, the weekend will fly by and then it's just two days I paid the last of the money to the surgeon today, I love the receptionist at his practice she is awesome - just really lovely. I am been downloading movies, and tv series to get ready for my recovery at home, I plan on laying down as much as possible until I feel better. Although I am keen to start exercising as soon as possible so will start with easy walking as soon as surgeon says I can. In the last hour I've had an opti shake, and 2 bowl of this cauliflower and cabbage curry and I am still STARVING!!!!! Ahhhh my body wants carbs, I will be strong. Off to the sugar free jelly maybe if I just fill my tummy it will be less hungry :/
  11. Of the list of vegies that I'm permitted to eat, I like 2 - actually I think green beans is supposed to be on there too as it's in all the recipes, if so, that makes three. I don't hate maybe 5 more. The rest I can't stand. And the only fruit is like is strawberries! How on earth do poeple survive the Optifast phase?
  12. Pottamouse

    Lost new and confused

    Hi all.... joined up today and feeling BLERGH and have no idea who to chat to that gets it.. :/ So thought I'd share and hopefully get some help advice chat etc... anything really SAHM of two boys 5'4 and 103 kg- pretty stable weight- doesn't tend to move a lot- like me I guess Really interested in Gastric surgery for a while now, fairly sure not considered an appropriate candidate for the band as I have an auto immune condition- and from what I have read that tends to make it a no no- So thinking on Bypass vs Sleeve. I don't binge eat- or over eat really - I know what your thinking i'm in denial how can I not and have so much chunky on my monkey, but seriously I don't drink alcohol, I do do tea or coffee, no soft drinks, no hot chips, no potato chips, no ice cream, no dairy really( occasional yogurt if it is home made) I do tend to skip breakfast which I know is bad, and ok ok sometimes lunch too- with me only eating one meal which would be something like vegies and a small bit of chicken or crumbed fish ( also don't do lamb, pork, beef) So if im honest I would say my one meal would be that of an average size adult meal ( Not counter meal style slab but not French minuscule serve ether) - who isn't dieting. Always drink 2litres a day water, biggest crave would be 2 days before period time I will seek slightly sweeter foods but that's it really, I don't gorge, ok again have been know to eat 1/2 a family size block of choc at period time to regret it the next day...... My down fall would be roast vegies,( pasta meh, steak meh, chips meh), all the "known" culprits I avoid because I don't like them enough to bother eating them. Im the kind of gal who wont eat something just because it is there- if I do happen to have pizza- it is bbq sauce or nothing- seriously I would rather go without than eat something I don't like. ( fussy I know) As I said I have auto immune issues joint issues etc- so I know I don't move as much as I should - that being said im fairly active, participate in city to bay, climb mount lofty etc- im fit- but fat..... apparently we cant be that though so back to my dilemma. ( no I cant even blame the meds as I try to stay off of them at all costs - apparently they cause weight gain ;P ) So my love of real food ( meaning not processed) clearly isn't doing me any favours- so I bit the bullet and started optifast a week ago.... Joint hurting- over not knowing if I have toes down there something had to give. Logic for and against went a little something like this - so many chemicals and additives- ewwwwwww BUT Dr's recommend it before surgery so it cant be TOO bad - so much sugar it's coating my teeth But surely there is some benefit in doing it or why would it be recommended by dr's before surgery - ok so it isn't too bad- I miss my vegies though- and struggling to eat my three replacements. Shhh just hold your nose and do it - really???? "healthy" is teaching my body to eat a choc flavoured gelatinous mousse type substance as "dinner" surely not you see I'm getting no where fast ..... But a week in- (and that time of month later) im down 4 kg. issue well I don't see this as a healthy option... I'm not hanging out for a choc bar here people I would murder someone for a bowl of peas!!!!! I have booked a visit with Dr Michael France- to discuss my options - on 20th August ( anyone know much about him)? Issue now thanks to my last week of artificial nutrients Im now under the BMI recommended for surgery *sigh*( too thin to be fat now whatever next) So no idea where to go what to do etc from here- Some amazing success stories from people on here, but equally some who weren't as happy as they thought. I need to get mass off for my joint and body health- plus it wouldn't hurt re introduce myself to my toes sometime in the near future. Will one of these options help me? or will i continue to avoid food only consuming a much smaller "main" mean at the end of the day still?? Would love to hear from anyone- because clearly I love to talk and feeling a bit overwhelmed right now as to where my path might be... thanks for listening guys -
  13. On 17 Feb I commence Optifast as the pre-op diet for WLS for the second time in my life. The first time was hellish but somehow I managed to stick with it. This time I have no idea about how I am going to cope with it all - all I can do is take it one day at a time. In the meantime I am very much in to 'last supper' mode. KFC for dinner tonight, pizza last night, roast dinner tomorrow night, Subway on Wednesday night (Wednesday night is always Subway night in my house), next Saturday I am attending the local picnic races, and next Sunday I am planning on going to my new favourite restaurant and enjoying (for my very last supper) a pulled pork sandwich. Holy crap I have packed on so much damned weight over the last 5 weeks it is ridiculous! but the underactive thyroid diagnosis has at least explained my persistent fatigue, etc. I am looking forward to starting Optifast because it signifies so much for me, a transition from my old life of obesity, being a slave to food, feeling so out of control and unable to manage my weight...it is like a rite of passage from my old life to my new life. I am looking forward to not having to worry about what my next meal will be...I am looking forward to shifting some water weight and a little bit of fat as well. I am looking forward to counting down the days until my operation...I am looking forward to having my very last optifast before my big day (I will do what I did last time and count out my optifasts and keep them in a container). I am also looking forward to getting my blood test done 4 weeks post op to see what a difference optifast and WLS has made to my insides. I am looking forward to no longer being obese, to using this wonderful tool that I have the opportunity to access in helping me to achieve my dreams and reach my goals. While I feel 'fat and frustrated' now, I do also feel like am a very lucky person to have this opportunity.
  14. Shelz

    Optifast for sale

    Optifast sachets for sale. I have some left over optifast id like to sell, pick up is required. 1 box of 10 x assorted flavours (chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Coffee, Banana) - $20 1 box of 8 x sachets vegetable soup -$15 2 boxes of 8 x sachets chicken soup - $15 ea ALL BOXES UNOPENED Pick up from South Melbourne (just off St Kilda Road)
  15. Hi all I went a bit crazy with the amount of Optifast/Optislim products I bought pre-op, and now I'm selling it on for anyone who would like to save some dough! The ad is on gumtree, here: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/irymple/miscellaneous-goods/optifast-optislim-super-saver-bundle/1015099113 All the best to all of you who are currently on the Optislim / Optifast towards your op Cheers Steve
  16. Booshwacked


    Hi I am just wondering about Optifast - I know that most or all go on it pre-op, and while I'm sure each surgeon recommends a diff plan for every person, I am just wondering what each perrsons plan was? How many shakes / meals did you have to replace per day? How long were you on Opti? How hard was it?? How much did you lose while on Opti? Do you think you would you have lost that much weight on Opti if you weren't doing it in prep for the band? Was the band op motivation to stick to Opti? Thanks in advance
  17. Day 9 of my Optifast stage and i cheated I had a little avocado with my salad, a very small piece of a fresh bread stick and i had 4 prawn wontons in my broth throughout the day. I only had one shake all day because i felt so bad. To date i have lost 7.7kgs and i still have 7 days of shakes to go. Have i stuffed things up? Also I have had the runs and growling tummy whilst on the shakes since around day 6 is this normal?
  18. tishtish

    Could I Be Having a Crapper Week ?

    I'm on day 8 of Optifast and have lost a grand total of 1.8kg. I actually put on .6kg yesterday. I've not cheated at all on this Optifast stage, I've been drinking heaps of fluids and yesterday was the first day I didn't go to the gym. (Had to see the physio.) This is half what I had set out to lose. I'm so disappointed and puzzled as to why this is happening. On top of this my boyfriend broke up with me on Tuesday and I'm an emotional non-eater so stuffing all this Optifast into my face has become a huge issue. I'd usually just not be eating at all other than maybe one small meal a day when I'm feeling like this. I still need to get one more Optifast and another cup of veges into me today and the thought of it is turning my stomach. I'm also back to not being able to sleep and spending the night riddled with anxiety. I laid in bed 'til noon today ... just paralysed with depression and apathy. I felt a little better after the gym but I'm feeling so overwhelmed by all I have to get done before I go in for the surgery next Thursday. Also, I've used up all my appointments on my care plan so can't see my psychologist until August. I found this out yesterday ... the day before I was meant to go see her. (and I really need it.) I had to cancel my appointment knowing I'm spiralling down and can't get professional help for another 6 months. Aren't I a little bundle of joy today ... lol.
  19. Melby

    Optifast for Sale

    Hey guys. firstly i apologise if ive posted this in the wrong area i wasnt quite sure. I went a little crazy when i was buying my optifast and i bought way too much. I thought i'd offer it to you guys a bit cheaper if anyone is going through their optifast stage or likes the taste of it. this is what i have. 2x strawberry 8 sachet boxes $20 each 1x bannana 8 sachet box $20 1x bannana 12 sachet box $25 1x berry crunch optifast bars 6 bar box. $15 just let me know if youre interested in anything i dont mind giving stuff individually or as a whole package just to whoever wants/needs it my number is 0403 686 366 so you can text or call anytime you like. The pickup is also from Byford (near armadale). thanks for all the support guys im 3 days banded now and feeling better each day.
  20. tishtish

    Optifast and Insomnia

    I'm on day 3 of Optifast and have had so much trouble sleeping the last 2 nights. Last night was worse because I ended up with palpitations and a panic attack that lasted for hours. Has anyone else had this on Optifast ? Does it go away after a couple of days ? My sister says it's 'cause I'm going to bed hungry and my body is waiting for more food ... lol
  21. So it's day 1 of Optifast for me, and another anxiety attack. I got up this morning and went straight to the gym. Nothing unusual there, I very often go to the gym and eat when I come home. I did weights yesterday so I only did cardio today. When I finished my hands were all shaky and I felt a bit sickie. I figured I just needed to eat so I came home, showered and blended up my first shake with a banana. It went down ok but then I felt quite sick and thought it was actually going to come back up again ... plus I was still shaky. After 10-15 minutes the shaking subsided and the nausea gradually went as well. Now, because I'm overweight, I've had the universe telling me I'm going to die of heart disease, or a stroke, or cancer ... constantly. I get it from doctors, from magazines, from books, from the media. It's a constant barrage. My biggest fear is having a heart attack. So, of course, even though I've been tested up the wahzoo for heart disease and I'm all clear, when I go to the gym and leave all shaky and feeling sick ... and with chest pain that isn't even related to my heart (it's muscular skeletal), I go into a panic attack and wait for the heart attack. Then, I have to fight off the panic attack and talk myself down. Luckily my daughter was home today so she came and laid down with me and stroked my face and read the valentines in the paper with me ... thereby distracting me and relaxing me. She's a treasure. I'll be so happy when I've lost enough weight that I'll be more confident of not dropping dead of heart disease every waking minute of my life. On a happier note ... I'd set myself a goal of being no more than 144kg when I started Optifast. I've started at 143.8kg ! The shake didn't taste too bad ... wasn't great ... but as I told my daughter, "It's do-able for 2 weeks." I've had my salad for lunch which was delicious and am saving my Optifast bar for mid-afternoon. I'll also spread out my dinner and have the veges around 6pm and then save the Optifast dessert for later ... about 8 or 9pm. I know they say to have 3 small meals per day without snacking inbetween but hello, it's the same calories ... just spread out a bit more. Now ... here's some photos I took yesterday so I can compare them later. Don't look if you're offended by fat ladies in their undie-wears.
  22. kateye_diamond

    Day 10 - Seeing the results

    I’m 5kg lighter and have a difference of about 10cm over different parts of my body. Feeling amazing!! Only 10 days into optifast and really seeing and feeing the results. I have noticed I’m actually eating/drinking (still Optifast) a lot more than I use to but I think the main thing was my close to 1.5L a day Coke-a-Cola habit and Double Shot Iced Coffee in the morning made my sugar intake massively high. By just cutting those out it is doing wonders for my body. I have been trying to figure out ways to keep on track and I know a lot of people find that hard or get hunger pains and the like after the surgery (and I guess before as well). I’m not sure if this will help anyone else but what I have been doing: Taking 1h to finish my Breakfast Optifast Shake, drinking small mouthfuls and waiting 5-10mins before the next one. Drink 1 L of water between Breakfast and Lunch Taking 1h to finish my Lunch Optifast Shake, drinking small mouthfuls and waiting 5-10mins before the next one. After I finish lunch Optifast wait 30mins and then have my piece of fruit. Same process small bites chewed very well. Once I am half way thought I stop and say in my head ‘I AM FULL’ to myself 20 times. Drink 1 L of water between Lunch and my drive home from work Drink 1 L of water between 5:30 and 6:30 and start preparing dinner. Take as long as I can to prepare dinner, slowing cutting the veg, making the plate/bowl look nice (kind of do like a Huey style, and wipe the plate down after I have dished my food) Eat dinner in exaggerated and slow chews. Once I have eaten about half my bowl/plate I stop put down my cutlery and say “I AM FULL†again 20 times. Then resume eating. Finish eating and then clean the kitchen straight away, grab another 1L of water and then turn the kitchen light off and do not enter it again for the rest of the night. I have been finding that I’m not hungry even thought I know I could eat a hell of a lot more, and yes there have been some cravings especially for Nachos or in the last few day something really cheesy but I have not broken yet, and really hoping that I don’t crack and eat like I know I could. One of the key things I have found is getting a smaller amount of food but better quality, before I would by home brand because it was cheap and get more of it. Now I’m looking at the food and saying “well I’m going to enjoy this 100g of rump steak rather than getting 400g sandwich steakâ€. I’m still paying the same amount of money but now I think I’m enjoying food rather than eating because I can. Hopefully I don’t sound like I’m preaching because I totally don’t want to sound like that, I know from a lot of my own inner thought and talking to friends that my brain works a little different (the psychologist at BIM said I’m not crazy… really I’m not …. just do a lot of things unconsciously, then realise later that I was already preparing for something because part of me had already made up my mind). I know that I made up the decision that Lap Band was my only option, once I booked the surgery everything I had been doing in the last month had started making sense and that anything I do in the work up to the Surgery IS going to work and for some reason when I tell myself something like ‘surgery is your only option’ then I probably would not be able to lose weight (large amounts that is) without it. Personally my main barrier is my brain. My journey is going to be a lot of MIND OVER MATTER but also find that urge to STOP and tell myself NO and that I do not need what my brain is telling me I want. It’s defiantly NOT easy and I really do miss some of my food but meh!! What would I rather be Fat, unhealthy and eating what I want when I want or Healthy, slim and happy eating good food and enough to keep me going? Answer: Defiantly the 2nd one
  23. kateye_diamond

    Day 5 - Yummy in my Tummy

    What a week and I'm kinda dreading the weekend. Optifast is kinda sorta now my friend. We have a very strong love hate relationship. The hate however is slowly turning to hunger the taste is much better after the 1st ‘work week’ and I am looking forward to having them at the times I set for myself. Only issue is tomorrow and Sunday!! I’m actually going to be at home where the food is, when I’m at work I only have what I brought with me, and that’s 2 shakes and a piece of fruit. At home there is still some of the bad foot in the freezer or chips and lollies. I have asked my husband to try and eat all the bad food before I get home today but I don’t think he would have enough space to eat it all. My weekend plan is to keep very busy and out of the house as much as possible so the food temptation is not there, once the bad food is gone it wont be too hard. I still do have moments where I just want to go eat something mainly startchy foods like bread, chips and potatoes but then I start moving around or grab a bottle of water and after a while I forget about them. Distraction is the key I think. Wish me luck for the weekend. *MWH*
  24. kateye_diamond

    Day 1 to new me!

    Hey All My name is Katie G, I'm 26, married no children, live in Quinns Rocks WA and am very overweight. I currently weigh a massive 145kg!! I have always been on the larger starting from when I was 13. I have been the same height, 5’9, since I was 12 therefore always been large not only height but also weight. I was also very active back then swimming, ice skating and surf lifesaving. I know why and when I starting putting on weight, it was about when I was 16, I stopped swimming and ice skating and continued to eat like someone who was doing 3h exercise a day. In the last 4 years, however, I have put on the most weight, over 45kg. I think mainly this was due to a job change where I am now at a desk in front of a computer as well as on the phone all day. Very little movement for 8 hours where before this job I was up and down 3 flights of stairs at least 20 times as well as on my feet moving around. It could also be to do with getting married as apparently everyone puts on some weight but I think mainly the job is at fault. At the moment I cannot exercise. The pain I feel in my feet, ankles and knees as well as sometimes in my back is shocking. The sweating also stops me from pushing too far, I can walk up stairs and around the shops but not without sweating, I really don’t enjoy thinking that people around me not only see a ‘fat chick’ but a ‘stinky fat chick’. The decision to have Lap Band has been tough for me as I have always thought of it as cheating. However now that I have read into it and spoke to my GP, Surgeon and the Dietician I know that it is actually a lot of hard work. I have always been determined to lose the weight on my own and I have tried what feels like a million things. (Light and Easy, Duramine, Optifast, Body Trim, Gym membership with personal trainer, personalized meal plan … should I go on??). This surgery is my last resort, my blood pressure is 150/120 on a good day even higher on a bad day, stroke or heart attack at 25 is not something I ever thought I would have to worry about. I’m relieved to say my family, husband and work colleagues have all been really supportive. Even my boss said he was starting to worry that he might lose me if I didn’t take this step (my workplace is a 2nd family, it’s a great environment to work with great people and I think of the boys as my brothers). With a great support team at home, support from this website and my own determination I’m going to become half myself, the half I have always meant to be and hopefully become happy, fit and a mother in the near future. PS. Started Optifast pre-op today and gosh I’m struggling to keep it down, onto my second shake of the day and the taste is not great. I assume (and am trying to believe with all my will power) that after 2 weeks I will think that it is the best stuff ever, especially if I see some weight starting to fall off. *Fingers Crossed*
  25. FreshStart2

    My Optifast Diary

    I'm going to be using this blog entry to document these two weeks prior to my surgery. I'll update or "edit" it every day to record my food, feelings, or weigh in if I want to. Its easy than having a new blog entry for every day. This is just for me so ignore it if you want to, but I thought it might also help people on Opti come up with some ideas for their evening meals instead of plain steamed vegies, which are no fun START WEIGHT : 108kg BEGINNING OF OPTI : 106kg Day 1: Breakfast: vanilla shake, 200ml water, 1/3 cup mixed frozen berries. Lunch: vanilla shake, 200ml skim milk, 1/2 banana. Dinner: small bowl of stir-fry veggies with curry powder for flavour. Exercise: 45mins beginner Zumba. Feeling: very hungry between meals and cant even watch food ads on tv for fear of chewing husbands leg off. Trying to drink 1.5l water throughout day. Feeling a bit on edge by bedtime. Day 2: Breakfast: choc shake, 200ml skim milk, spoonful dissolved instant coffee. Lunch: choc shake, 200ml skim milk. Arvo Tea: 1 whole, fresh tomato. Dinner: making a tomato and grated vegetable sauce with garlic and herbs, to put over grated and cooked cauliflower. "Pretend spag bol". Exercise: None, but very busy day. Feeling: very tired and flat. Still hungry but managing to ignore it, even when cooking for hubby. Not ready to weigh in yet. Felt great after Zumba last night, finding exercise really effective in distracting myself from my rumbling hungry tummy. About to have a nap (its 3:30pm). Slight inkling of a headache coming on. Day 3: Breakfast: choc shake, 200ml skim milk, half banana. Lunch: Vanilla shake, 200ml skim milk, 1/3 cup frozen mixed berries Dinner: leftover tomato/grated veggie sauce over pan fried Barramundi. Weigh In: 104.5kg Exercise: 35mins walk, uphill, downhill and flat. Brisk walk (with pram). Feeling: Incredibly happy that I've dropped 1.5kg in 2 days! Considering it took a whole month for me to lose 2kg with just healthy eating and daily exercise. Feeling less hungry this morning than previous two days. Hubby reckons I've got the ketosis breath though, so may have to get some sugar free gum or mints to keep that at bay between brushes. Day 4: Breakfast: vanilla shake, 200ml almond milk, half banana. Lunch: choc shake, 200ml almond milk. Dinner: grilled fish and vegetable kabobs, cooked on the BBQ. (Having company tonight). Exercise: 35mins walk, uphill, downhill and flat. Brisk walk (with pram). Feeling: Pretty good this morning despite the hot weather. No headaches. Only a little hungry. Trying not to weigh myself everyday, only every 3 days...Wondering if I should find some different optifast flavours or get some bars to have for lunch, just for something different. May buy some next week. Day 5: Breakfast: choc shake, 200ml water. Lunch: vanilla shake, 200ml almond milk. Dinner: garden salad on a small side plate. Big glass of diet cordial. Exercise: none today because weather was stormy. Walked around the shops a bit and did some vigorous cleaning. Feeling: Pretty good, had a tiny sneak peek at the scales last night (after eating my dinner and drinking lots of water) and they haven't budged too much, so I'm going back to making my shakes with water instead of milk, and not adding any fruit to them, at least til I can shift a couple more kilos. I'm also going to go back to just having vegies for dinner, no fish for a while either. I wasn't even that hungry this morning when I made bacon and eggs for my fiance. Fiance thinks he can start seeing some loss around my middle and had a few comments last night from a friend we haven't seen in a few weeks. Winning! Day 6: Breakfast: vanilla shake, 200ml water, half banana. Lunch: choc shake, 200ml water. Dinner: Cajun Vegetable Soup (recipe in pre-op recipe section). Weigh In: 104kg Exercise: 35mins walk, uphill, downhill and flat. Brisk walk (with pram). 6.5mins on exercise bike. Feeling: a little disheartened. was hoping to lose a little bit more by now. Will be ramping up the exercise but other than that I may as well try to enjoy the next week 10 days by having my allowed fruit in my shakes. Not feeling hungry at all between meals now, as long as I'm drinking tea and water. Only "cheating" was a couple of pineapple cubes the other day. One of the good things about Optifast is that you learn to recognise real hunger and head hunger. If I'm really hungry I will go for my shake (if its time), and if I'm just sitting thinking about a slice of pizza, or a steak, I know its just head hunger. Day 7: Breakfast: choc shake, 200ml water, half banana. Lunch: vanilla shake, 200ml water, 1/3 cup frozen blackberries Dinner: Exercise: just spring cleaning so far today. Feeling: Frustrated. Scales still haven't moved. I need to stop weighing myself. Have a pre-op appointment with surgeon tomorrow to weigh in, check in and pay for the surgery next week. Started cleaning the house in preparation. Starting to feel my collarbones again Been lucky I haven't had any headaches or felt ill from Opti so far. I think hydration is the key. Might try to go for my walk this arvo since I didnt go this morning. Day 8: Breakfast: choc shake, 200ml water, half banana. Lunch: vanilla shake, 200ml water, half banana. Dinner: small piece pan fried chicken breast, cup stirfry vegetables. Weigh In: 102.5kg Exercise: Feeling: a little better now I can see the scales moving again. IF I can get down to 101kg by next Thursday, I will be happy. But after a little perspective, I'm realising that even though I'm not losing as much as I would like on Optifast, I've already lost nearly 6kg since my last visit with the surgeon and thats something to be proud of too I'm 10% of the way to my goal weight, so there's something to smile about. Day 9: Breakfast: Choc shake, 200ml water, 1/4 cup frozen mixed berries Lunch: vanilla shake, 200ml water, half banana. Dinner: small piece of Basa fish with paprika, pan fried. Cup of stirfried vegetables. Cup diet jelly for dessert. Exercise: Feeling: having a hard day, food wise. having lots of cravings today, so close to cheating and eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Day 10: Breakfast: choc shake, 200ml water, half banana. Lunch: Vanilla shake, 200ml water. Dinner: small piece pan fried chicken breast, cup stir-fry vegetables. Weigh In: 101kg Exercise: Feeling: so happy that in total, I have lost 7kg! Was hoping to get to 100kg before Thursday, being that its only Saturday, I'm now hoping I can lose another 2kg and get to 99! Day 11: Breakfast: vanilla shake, 200ml water, half banana. Lunch: choc shake, 200ml water, 1/4 cup frozen mixed berries. Dinner: small (palm sized) piece of Basa fish, pan fried. Cup of stirfried vegetables with tiny dash of sweet chilli sauce. Exercise: stopped exercising for now because I think I was burning too many calories to sustain weight loss. Feeling: Feeling great. Not much to report. Feeling a bit blocked up (sorry) so I might throw some Benefibre into my lunch shake.Okay I have cheated a tiny bit today..oops. I had a couple bites of lasagne at lunch and I added a tiny dash of sweet chilli sauce to my evening vegetables. Feel a bit guilty, but I'm only human. I wish I could see more of the weight loss in the mirror. But it's there on the scales so I'm hoping for a nice healthy looking liver come Thursday. Only 4 days to go! Yikes! Day 12: Breakfast: Choc shake, 200ml water, nutmeg and cinnamon Lunch: vanilla shake, 200ml water, handful of dried dates (softened in boiling water). Dinner: pan fried chicken with "roast chicken" spice mix. cup of veggies. Exercise: Feeling: getting sick of waiting now. Just want the next couple of days to go really quick, but they seem to be dragging on and on. Day 13: Breakfast: vanilla shake, 200ml water, handful strawberry halves, stick of benefibre. Lunch: (woops, forgot to have lunch!) Dinner: pan fried fish with paprika, cup stir-fry vegetables Exercise: Feeling: it's my last night on full Optifast. Tomorrow I will be having the shakes for breakfast and lunch, and then I get to have my "last supper" before fasting for surgery the next day I'm getting excited! and nervous. I guess I should pack a bag huh? Day 14: (LAST DAY OF OPTI, WOOO) Breakfast: choc shake, 200ml water, half banana. Lunch: Vanilla shake, 200ml water. Dinner: slow cooked lamb shank, mashed potato and green vegetables. Weigh In: 101kg, hasnt changed according to my scales at home. Exercise: Feeling: Feeling incredibly excited to be done with Optifast, getting a little bit nervous about the surgery tomorrow. I've already had a phone call from admissions reminding me to be there at the hospital at 7. I'm really looking forward to my fiance coming home tonight and having my last supper, how I have missed food, carbs! I haven't even packed a bag, I'll have to do that later. I've got my lamb shanks in the slow cooker and vegetable & lentil soup on the stove, but despite all the beautiful smells wafting around the house, I'm not really hungry. I'm trying to stay really well hydrated today and tonight to prepare for surgery tomorrow.