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Found 43 results

  1. Hi All, Can anyone please tell me about revision surgery from band to sleeve? Is it just one operation? Recovery time? Going with Dr Ben Teague if anyone has gone with him? Cheers x
  2. Changingourweighspc

    WLS Podcast

    Hey Everyone, I just came across this website through referral and didnt actually know it existed. Seems like a really good resource for the whole WLS community and I hope everyone is finding it useful on all of their journeys. My name is Grant and I have a Gastric Sleeve in April 2015. SW - 179. CW - 100. I just wanted to tell you guys about a Podcast that my wife and I have started that is dedicated to the WLS Community called Changing Our Weighs. We discuss a lot of different points and I know that our community out there would certainly love a perspective from a number of different people. We are on both Facebook and Instagram for social media. The Podcast is available on both iPhone and Android and so far has been downloaded almost 2000 times from all over the world in just a little over 3 weeks. We love getting feedback so I would appreciate you going over and checking it out and joining us for the many discussions we have regarding the WLS journey. From pre-op to Post-op and beyond. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Changingourweighspc Instagram: @changingourweighspc
  3. Gerri

    Anxious and excited!

    Hi all! My name is Gerri. I joined the community just recently and wanted to introduce myself. I am scheduled for lap band surgery on December 13 and begin my four week course of Optifast tomorrow. Due to other diseases I suffer, I could not have the sleeve as an option in my journey, but am confident with the right attitude and also the determination, I can accomplish all I dream with the band. I have Rheumatoid, Ankylosing Spondylosis, Sciatica, Eczema and all the other great things that come with that. However, I have been given a great chance to help myself with this surgery. I know that it will not cure what I have, BUT it will make it a little easier to get through every day if I am not also dealing with excessive weight. I look forward to sharing my story and hope to get some input from some of you who have had a similar experience. I wish everyone an amazing journey!
  4. Hi all, Thank you in advance for your thoughtful replies. It's been about two years since I've been on this forum, and boy, have I been through hell. Multiple complications with my band include unable to eat even the smallest bites of food before 12pm, frequently unable to eat when stressed despite only having 4ml mixed with the ability to overeat at other times. Cutting myself off now. I'm scarred. Scarred from vomiting saliva, and how that was handled by my surgeon's rooms. All I can say is, thank heavens for Dr Jennifer Duncombe on Dr Blair Bowden's team. My goodness did she help me out! That was very scary stuff. I'm tired of feeling like just another patient in a long line of patients. For someone with a bit of anxiety and nervousness around bariatric surgery, I can't go back to my previous surgeon. I need a surgeon who will make the effort and show he genuinely cares. I've decided on Dr Hatzifotis and aim to be sleeved Dec 2017. Question time: I have Ultimate cover with BUPA and I've been quoted $4500 for the surgeon fees, $300 for assistant surgeon, $650-$850 for anaesthetist. Since my morphine haze of my last surgery in Nov 2014, I seriously cannot remember how payment was organised. Can anyone help me out with how the #31575 code works with PHI and the process of paying for the surgery. So far I know that I have to pay the surgeon and assistant surgeon fees a week before surgery, but as for the rest and how Bupa works I'm a bit confused. Due to my ultimate cover, I also won't have an excess and will have $200 for other out of pocket expenses by Bupa. So. What is the process of paying my hospital account and how does PHI cover 31575? Thank you! Amelia
  5. tishtish

    Normal X Ray?

    Call out to all the lovelies here who have a lapband, have had problems with a slippage AND have x rays of it. Does it look anything like the second x ray? The first x ray was done 2 years ago when my pain was, surprise surprise, right where that bottom loop of tubing was laying. Notice the lapband looks like a rectangular shape. (Completely normal.) The second x ray was done a couple of weeks ago, after my revision surgery, and my pain is now, again no surprises, located right at the bottom of that lower loop of tubing. Notice the different orientation of the lapband ... you can see through the middle of it. Now, I know a slipped band will have a circular appearance on x ray but this is oval, not circular, so I'm not sure if it's slipped or not, so just want to know if anyone who's had a slipped band has seen it like this on x ray, or, if anyone has been told that this is also a completely normal band position. For the record, after my revisional surgery to shorten my tubing it's now 6cm longer. Notice also that the connector is different, confirming that at least some of my tubing has been replaced. I'm burning mad right now. ps. I have an appointment to see my GP regarding the appearance of my lapband in the second x ray, and also to see what can be done regarding the way I was treated at my post op lap band revision appointment with the surgeon last week but just wanted to find out if anyone here has any first hand experience with this.
  6. Hi guys, Can anyone recommend a lap band friendly recipe book. I am needing some ideas and inspiration for lapband recipes and meals Thanks jo
  7. It's been over 6 years since I had the lapband surgery. I lost over 85 kilograms, but every year I end up gaining some weight, then working a few months to lose the excess weight gained. It seems, to me, maintaining one's weight after huge amounts of weight loss is a lot harder than the initial weight loss itself. If you have reached the point I have, you already know what I mean. I've been working at an English newspaper in Turkey and have decided to write a weekly column on my current battle/challenge to lose the approximately 10 kilograms I gained during autumn-winter (it's almost spring here now). So if you would like to follow my weekly column or even share your own personal experiences, please, click away to my article: http://www.dailysabah.com/health/2016/02/22/spring-is-nigh-its-time-to-lose-weight# Wishing you all the best in your efforts to reach your goals. Luv, Gee.
  8. Hi all, happy new year! Am having banding and plication done by Dr Oliver Florica in March and am a bit nervous. My partner is very supportive however my family and friends are not. Hence I've not told them. Nor have I informed my work place (office gossip with just not worth it). So aside from my partner knowing, I'm keeping it to myself. What at I want to know is how soon after the surgery did you feel up to returning to work? I'm giving myself a week off before heading back to work. That was the recommended time frame however in an effort to do "research" into what I can expect (knowing that everyone and their results and time frames are totally different) I've stumble upon some some social media profiles that paint their recoveries as dreadful and totally unexpected and I've worked myself up into a nervous frenzie. if any of you out there who've had he plication and banding (especially under the care of Dr Florica), can you tell me about your experience (any and all parts). Assume I know nothing, and please feel free to be brutally honest x
  9. Hi, I am 35 yrs old, weighs 100 kg. I got diabetes and blood pressure issue too. My GP has suggested me gastric lap band. Now I am confused that should I go for it or not. I heard life becomes miserable and it has side effects too. Can anyone suggest me that should I go for lap band with this weight?
  10. I had my band removed last year due to multiple complications (I had it for 6 years), and now my 12 months on health insurance is up, and I'm due to book in a date for a sleeve.. but I'm really worried about doing it. With my band I had no hesitations at all, and wasn't scared of the surgery at all. But then, I didn't know as much then as I did now about weight loss surgeries, even with my family being in medicine! My mum died three months ago... as a result from infection from surgery to remove pancreatic cancer. Not so simple though - her previous weight loss surgeries went so wrong time after time for years on end, her stomach was a mess, and needed to be "rewired" in order for this new surgery (removal of pancreatic cancer) to be possible. This was a BIG surgery, and risk of death was high. We knew that before she went in, but there was no other choice. She was 60 yrs old. Had she not had the weight loss surgery (in her late 20's), her lifespan would have been considerably higher, she would have had a better quality of life without the illnesses brought on from it, and she probably would never have developed pancreatic cancer (gut surgeries, including band / sleeve etc, increase your chances of getting cancer, up to 20%. This increases with time after you've had the surgery. This has been fact for decades). She was very sick and frail most of her life due to the weight loss surgeries - she also developed the syndrome (name escapes me right now) that 80% of weight loss surgery patients develop - peritonitis, pulmonary embolism, severe vit D deficiency (so bad infusions don't work, let alone tablets), bruising, abdominal pain, shoulder pain, back pain, unexplained tachycardia, severe sleep disturbances, continuously tired, muscle weakness, all the symptoms of fibromyalgia, multiple endocrinology issues (like the bodies inability to produce enough cortisone, the implications of which most people don't even begin to understand), etc etc etc. (My mum is NOT an isolated case - she's the norm. 80% of patients develop varying levels of this after 2 years, and it increases with time, mainly in bypass patients, but it can also happen with sleeves, its caused by build up of bacteria in blind loop or staple lines). I know all this now because the coroner is investigating my mums death... there is no confusion on any of this, other than from the general public and some not so in the loop surgeons. its all been very official and factual. Im not worried about dying myself... but Im really worried about my two brothers, because we are all we have left. I'm worried about putting them through all that we went through with mum for those many years, or telling them in 5-10 years I have cancer too. Or Im worried about getting an infection from the surgery and dying then. They'd be beyond devastated. I don't have any weight related health complications (and most can be controlled without surgery anyway), not to say they wont develop in the future. I think wanting the surgery is a selfish thing. I want to be lighter and fit into clothes and look better and feel just a little more confident. But Im not sure if having that is worth the rest of it for my family. I see a lot of people here talking about 1 more kilo gone forever after their weight loss. That's a pure lie. Regardless of which surgery you have, you can still gain weight and be as heavy as you were before you started, if you don't diet and exercise forever. Let that sink in. Really. (my mum is a perfect example of that - and she had the most drastic surgery, gastric bypass. I also gained all my weight back with my band at times, even though I had complications that meant I couldn't swallow my own saliva, let alone food). Ignore the people who had their surgery less 5 years ago. All the issues and complications flood in at the 10 year point - and that time will fly. So, Im still thinking about booking my sleeve in. If I will or not. But just thought Id share that with you. There's a lot of things surgeons don't print in their pamphlets, and the fact is the negatives of WLS are creeping up and will probably over take the positives soon, as more extensive, large number, studies are released. People still don't understand that surgeons don't now or aren't aware of all this, that its to be expected that they dont, they are just the slice and dice people. They aren't endocrinologists, they aren't all specialists rolled into one. Staple line leaks and band slips are the least of your problems - they are rare and can be fixed if caught in time. The above is common, and cant be fixed. Im not against it at all (obviously, I'm still considering the sleeve), but just be sure you're not having the surgery for selfish reasons... because, potentially, its your family who will pay for it. The lack of knowledge on WLS complications and long term effects amaze me. Bottom line is, had I known then what I know now (in terms of long term permanent side affects / complications of surgery), I would NEVER have allowed someone I loved to do it.
  11. Inactiveaccount

    December 2014 bander

    Hi all, my name is Amelia and a week ago I met with Dr Reza Adib in Brisbane and I am now booked in to get LapBand surgery on December 2nd. I am so, so excited to embark on this journey and it has given me hope for my future. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. xx
  12. jennakettle

    A million questions!

    Hi everyone, So after thinking about lapband and doing more research than I thought comprehendable over the last 2 years I have decided that there is no reason not to go through with it, what am I waiting for! I have an appointment on May 12th at The Centre for Bariatric Surgery (CBS) with Stewart Skinner. I have already had my blood work done and all the results were excellent! I have also sent in my patient profile etc. My questions are as follows regarding the process/payments etc: 1 - I am wanting to withdraw from my super how long from seeing the surgeon did yours get released? 2- Has anyone borrowed through MAC Credit? My debts outweigh my assets but my income covers everything with plenty to spare so I can afford to repay. (I am looking into this as backup if he can get me in before July and my super hasnt been released then i can use the super to repay the loan) 3 - How long after your first appointment with your surgeon did you have surgery?? I am unable to take leave in July/August from work and really dont want to wait until September so I was wondering if there are cases were he could get me in within 4-6 weeks of seeing him? 4 - Has anyone had Mr Skinner? If so what was the experience like? 5 - Has anyone been with CBS? Do you have to pay for your Optifast or is that included in the cost? 6 - Has anyone paid with their super or self funded for lapband with CBS and if so how much did it cost all up? Sorry for so many questions but I know how amazing you all are at helping each other out and I hope to be able to repay the favour as I go through this journey with all of you!! Thanks, Jenna
  13. nerms

    Tripping out!!

    I've been slacking off for a couple months and hovering at the same weight between 68 and 69kgs. I found this photo of myself from last year and I still had the tshirt so I thought I would do a comparison! So that's me down 36kgs from 104 to 68 hopefully get to my goal of 60 in a few months, by summer would be great! I definitely, definitely encourage people starting out their journeys to just take a photo of yourself no matter how gross you might feel, because later down the track you're going to be like wow!! I can't believe that was me.
  14. G'day all i am just wondering are there any other people out there that have had the lapband and then had to have it removed due to slippage or some other problem and then went on to get the gastric bypass, would love to know what you think of the two and what you found was better the lapband or bypass? i personally got the lapband in 2008 was 130kg got down to 110kg at my lowest weight then got pregnant and after i had my child i found i had lots of problems with my band and having blockages the band ended up slipping in june 2011 and i had to have it removed my weight has slowly snuck back up to 130kg and i am now looking at getting gastric bypass surgery as my surgen recommended it to me. so yer would really love to hear from people who have experienced both opperations
  15. missmiranda

    Keeping it secret.

    Hello everyone, My lap band surgery is booked for January 7 2015 with Professor Paul O'Brien. I am having a friend take me to the hospital and pick me up once I'm all finished. I haven't told anyone about the surgery except my father, who lives overseas, and am reluctant to tell my friend the real reason I am getting surgery... Do you think it will be possible to get in and out of the hospital without my friend finding out I'm having lap band surgery? I know how silly this sounds, that I should just be happy I am finally getting the surgery and not keep secrets. However, having been judged for years about my weight, I don't really want to be judged for having weight loss surgery. What are everyone else's thoughts and experiences? Thank you.
  16. It has been such a long time since I last posted here. I had first started my lapband journey on January 20, 2010 at about 148 kg. Now, five years later, weighing around 65 kg, I wrote in an English paper published in Turkey about what it was like living life as an obese person. I thought some may be interested, so I wanted to share the link here. "The Fat Life" story will be followed the next day with my "LifeTransforming Change." Please feel free to share the link with anybody you think may feel inspired. Much love, Gee http://www.dailysabah.com/features/2015/01/14/the-fat-life-its-not-a-joke
  17. And_Again

    Worst Case Scenario

    Hey everyone considering a lap band.... I am worse case scenario - mine failed badly and has resulted in follow up surgery in the middle of the night on the day after I got it I am scheduled to have it removed in 12 days. I am assured that I'm a HIGHLY unusual case but if you want to know what worst case scenario is like, you can PM me. I wish I'd known ALL the risks and realities before I signed up....
  18. Melbourne

    Considering the lapband

    Hi all, I have been referred by my GP to Dr. Peter Nottle for the lap band. I currently suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome, I'm 24 years old, my BMI is 45 and I weigh 132kg. I have been struggling with my weight for 3 years after having my first child. My first appointment to consult with dr nottle is on the 15th of December 2014. I don't have private health insurance, what options does dr nottle provide payment wise? Also, is there anyone else on here with polycystic ovarian syndrome has got the lap band surgery? What were the results?
  19. brizkate

    SILS Brisbane

    I have been researching lapband surgery and there seems to be a huge difference in scarring between the traditional 5 port method and the single incision method. I can't find much on the web about surgeons who offer the sils in Brisbane and was wondering if anybody who has had this method can share who their surgeon was and what their experience was like. Also I would love to know people's out of pocket costs - I have HCF top hospital and extra's cover so from what I have seen on their web I am covered. Is there really a big difference in cost depending on what doctor you use?
  20. Deex

    Booked, October 14th.

    Greetings, Today i officially met my surgeon, Dr Kuzinkovas. I am being banded through SIOS at Ashfield Private Hospital in Sydney on: October 14th I can't begin to even explain how excited i am about finally setting a date! At my appointment my mother and i fell inlove with my surgeon, his Russain accent and slick pinstriped suit. He excuded a mass amount of confidence and was really thorough about the surgical procedure. He did however try to recommend the bypass instead of the banding but as much as i appreciated his medical opinion, his presistance and knowledge, i chose what i was most comfortable with and that was banding. I am happy with my decision, feel extremely comfortable around Dr K and cannot wait to begin! Any other October babies that would like to come along for the ride with me, please feel free to contact me. Always looking for support! Happy dance in 3..2..1 Deex
  21. Deex

    Family and WLS.

    Greetings lovely earthlings, This entry is about lap band and family members. The entry is a little long but I guess what i am really looking for is some advice and clarrification. For those who take the time to read my entry, i thank you in advance and appreciate all comments . Here goes. I am a Lap Band newbie, my sister and i decided to look into the procedure as we are both heavy set. My sister is 27 years old and i, myself am 24. Together we decided to go our local GP and inquire about WLS. Our GP weighed us both and i had come in at 132kgs whilst my sister weighed in 115kgs. Before we left, our GP voiced her opinion and told my sister that if she put in a little more effort into dieting and exersising she would be able to drop the weight with out WLS, she then told me that she recommends it for me, with my hormone imbalance, pcos and being over weight since birth, she thought i would be a great candiate for it. So with that we went home and i got stuck straight into my research. I must have spent the entire evening and early next morning looking at risks and benefits associated with lap band. I also looked at transformation photos, networking groups, diets and exercises associated with the procedure. I even watched a few videos on the surgical procedure and possible arm, breast, tummy and thigh lift procedures that might be needed afterward. The following day i had presented my sister with all the information i had gathered, excited to fill her in however she was not at all interested. When i had asked her what she knew about the LP all she said was 'It makes you lose weight fast and easy', i was instantly annoyed at her response. Here she was saying that she wanted to take the journey together, yet knew so little and refused to aquire more information, specially as seeing by day 3 of contemplating WLS i had made my own information folder. I was disheartened because i was excited about doing this together. We could work out together, diet together and motivate each other. But no. By the end of the week i had called up SIOS and made my first appointment with the Bariatric Coordinator and attended with my mum as moral support. Patricia the BC, commented on how impressive my folder was and was stuned about how much information i had read. At the end of the appointment i was motivated and excited about what i was about to do. The bravest thing i have ever done and i felt great about it, for the first time ever. My sister the next day had called up the same clinic to book in her consultation. However the night before her appointment her partner and his family together with her discussed that she should hold off on the LP because they are looking to buy a house at the end of the year, so with that in mind she called up and cancelled her appointment. She seemed happy about her decision and liked the idea of joining a PHF and waiting the 12months to cut down the cost. Because i am a student studying to be an Aged Care Nurse and have no private health insurance the fees of the LP would be very costly for me, i broke down devasted when i found the estimated fee to be at $13,000. However the next day, my mum and dad pulled me aside and told me that they wanted to help me with the cost of the surgery. I refused, countless amounts of times. I have never taken money from parents, ever! and the idea of it gives me anxiety. Finally i accepted their offer under the conditions that i could pay them back, or at least attempt to. They agreed and everyone was happy.. besides ofcourse my sister. I overhead her telling my mum that i was unworthy of my parents help and that they shouldn't help me with the cost. It's day 3 and she is not talking to me or my parents, at all. I understand that she may feel like one of us is being favorited but it is not the case. Only a few years ago my parents paid $15,000 for a prestigue makeup course and for an engagment party that ended up failing. I find it very hypocritical and hurtful that she doesn't think i deserve to be helped. After all the support i have given her, even in times when it was hard.. i had imagined her returning the favor to me someday. But not today it seems. A few yeasr back i went through something and seeked her support and instead of support she guilted me into a decision i regret still to this day. I love my sister, dearly but I am scared of making the same mistake again. I feel bad as it is and am now talking myself out of the situation because she isn't happy with it. Apart of me wants to ignore her issues with it and go ahead with the procedure but i feel that is selfish. I am concerned with how she will manipulate the issue to make me look bad, as she has done this before. My question is; what do i do? My partner, brother and friends says 'not to let anyone rain on my parade and my health comes comes first' and that there isn't any shame in asking for or recieveing help. Does this make me selfish? Or inconsiderate? I pride myself on being a good person with having a clean and kind heart. Again i thank any of you who could sit through that essay. Have a lovely weekend! <3
  22. taaamy

    New Melbournian!

    Hey, I am new to all of this and i am taking out my PHI in a fortnight. I am planning on going with medibank, what have others thought of this PHI? Also, apparently there are doctors that have gap cover which means that you are not out of pocket (only the excess) has anyone gone through this way? I also heard you can access your super in order to pay for out of pocket expenses, has anyone done this and succeeded? thank you and sorry for so many questions. I just want to make sure I have my fact rights!
  23. vixta99

    WLSA on Gold Coast (lap band)

    Hi there. After 2 years of "thinking" and "trying something else" I have bit the bullet and have an appt with WLSA next week for my 3 appts - dietician, psych and Dr Adib. I am nervous that this is the last straw and I have already spent tens of thousands on "trying" before. I am 100% committed and really want to give this a good go. I am so excited that I may be banded as early as April!! My husband thinks I am taking the easier option and should just stop eating so much. Hmmmmm..... I will be a secret bander. Anyone else with advice, experiences etc would be appreciated.
  24. vixta99

    Start of the journey

    Hi there. I am a Brisbane mum, like others at a point when I have had enough and can't see any other option. I have my 3 appointments on Thursday (surgeon, dietician and psych) and I am a bit nervous but more so excited. I have been researching this for 2 years, but kept thinking something else might work. It didn't. I am 164cm and 90kg, which is obese. My BMI is 33 and for me this is too big and unhealthy. My weight seems to be increasing as I seem to be over-eating, yet if I did not play netball or walk, I would hate to think. My co-morbidities for having a lower BMI is high blood pressure for the past 12 months and asthma. I have PHI but will give it a go claiming for super also. I see my GP Monday for the referral.. I have researched a few surgeons/clinics and like the ideas of WLSA on the Gold Coast so going to start with that. I remember the first time I felt fat was at 11 when I stole some herbal diet pills from a pharmacy (shocking I know). I really was not that bad. I am also someone who really has tried EVERYTHING and in the meantime have spend tens of thousands in the process: WW, JC, shakes, magazine diets, celeb diets, protein, BodyTrim, pills, SlimmingClub, gym/PT, dietician, hyno-lapband and even liposuction.... After all this effort and money... I am bigger than before. So... here I go... last chance, more ambition and even more determination. I am 33 and want to live! Vic
  25. Hi, I called my insurance company (HCF) a few weeks back to advise them that I'm booked in for november 21. They asked for the procedure number. I gave it to them and then they said that it was incorrect and has changed this new financial year. It is now a new code. They said to find out the new code and call them back to make sure i'm covered! However I cant find the new code anywhere on the internet!!!! Help me please!!!