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Found 68 results

  1. Hi All, Can anyone please tell me about revision surgery from band to sleeve? Is it just one operation? Recovery time? Going with Dr Ben Teague if anyone has gone with him? Cheers x
  2. Fandangle

    october 2018

    Hi everyone, I'm getting sleeved on 10/10/18, any other sleevers about to go under?? if so where are you hailing from, Im excited and nervous at the same time. putting on weight in the lead up as I keep thinking "OMG what if I can never have this nice food again, or the enjoyment that I get from eating it " I am not alone :-(
  3. Fandangle

    getting sleeve in Oct,

    HI everyone, hope all is well with you all, I have just been given the all clear for gastric sleeve surgery, and was told about this group, hoping to get lots of useful tips and advice, maybe even get some cooking and food tips as im a crappy cook as it is lol. hope to speak to you soon :-)
  4. Nats205

    Dr Clement Tsang

    hi guys. I am considering having Bariatric surgery and looking at doing it with Dr Clement Tsang. He seems to have a good reputation and his costs seem to be lower than a lot of others. Would love to hear some experiences. Thank you
  5. Those who had their sleeve done with Dr Dolan, can you please share your experience? Was he pleasent and how was his work? I've heard so many mixed reviews on him, I'm not sure If I should ask my gp to refer me to him or to someone else. TIA
  6. futuresleever

    Low cost Sleeve

    Hi All, I currently live in the A.C.T and am considering the gastric sleeve. The issue is that if I was to have the procedure done in Canberra, it is a little more on the expensive side (roughly $8,000 with insurance). I have seen (online) surgeons in NSW that offer a more reasonable price ($4,000-5,000). I am wondering if anyone has travelled to get their procedure done? I am happy to travel for appointments. Thanks for your help!!
  7. denzel

    Another WLS Site

    This is another site that folks on here may find useful. A few folk here have transitioned, or transitioning onto gastric bypass surgery and there is info about it on this site. https://www.bariatricpal.com/ All the best!
  8. Sandy15


    Hi guys, I just realised that there is a big out of pocket cost if I am to have my sleeve done by Dr Dolan ($3850.00). I am now looking for those insured with HBF and went to an HBF provider for their WLS. Can you recommend please? My anxiety isn't allowing me to leave it up to my GP because I want to hear from people who experienced the surgeon first hand. Please give me their name. I am in Joondalup but happy to travel to the city for it if the surgeon is worth it. Thanks for your help!
  9. mikeyandmary

    Just sleeved

    Hi everyone, After so many failed weight loss attempts I looked at medical options (drugs vs surgery). Now I've survived the pre-op diet and was sleeved on 11 December by Dr Devadas at Nepean Private. This a great forum and has been really useful for research and encouragement. Michael
  10. hi there, my daughter is booked in for her sleeve surgery in Jan 18 and after meeting with her surgeon today again, it’s all become very real and I’m worried that we’ve made the right decision. My daughter is excited about the operation (and nervous of course) but it’s a big change and I just wanted to reach out to others out there for support. Thank you :)
  11. Sandy15

    Sleeve Scars

    Hey guys, Does the sleeve leave behind scars on your stomach like the band does? I know four people with the band who still have quite large scars from the surgery. The two that were done by Dr Dolan have less scarring. Would the sleeve differ based on the surgeon? TIA
  12. KindConfetti

    New sleever

    Hi there I stalked around on here for a while as I did my research - now that I have an op date for my gastric sleeve and its all feeling very real, I thought I should come out of lurking. I'm halfway through the pre-op phase. I don't love dairy based shakes in general, but its doable and I'm getting by (with the exception of day one and two when I thought the hangry was going to be the end of me .... and all those within a 10k radius!) I was originally not having the operation until late Feb, however an opening came up and I took it. It does however mean I'm off overseas for a little trip about three weeks after my surgery. Im open to any and all suggestions for eating while travelling in the week 3 - 6 phase. Lots of feelings happening at the moment (none of which I am eating I will add) - excited, scared, nervous, apprehensive, determined... One week and counting - Eek!! xx
  13. Hi. I'm a journalist with the New York Times here in Australia working on a story about obesity in Queensland and we are doing some research on the growing use of weight loss surgery as a way to change course and get people on a track to healthier living. We understand that weight loss surgery is being supported by government funding and that some doctors are recommending younger people, some as young as 13, be considered for weight loss surgery. I'm looking for a family that might be willing to talk to us about this on camera. Are you considering or already planning to have surgery soon? I'm especially looking for anyone under 19 years old, who is close to having the surgery who would allow us to understand what led to the decision, allow us to see the lead up to the surgery and follow up with them a couple of weeks after the surgery to see how they are doing. But really anyone who has a compelling story that will help people understand and connect with this type of struggle and those seeking a solution would be really helpful. You can reach out to me at diana.olivacave@nytimes.com or through this forum.
  14. Hi there I stalked around on here for a while as I did my research - now that I have an op date and its all feeling very real, I thought I should come out of lurking. I'm halfway through the pre-op phase. I don't love dairy based shakes in general, but its doable and I'm getting by (with the exception of day one and two when I thought the hangry was going to be the end of me .... and all those within a 10k radius!) I was originally not having the operation until late Feb, however an opening came up and I took it. It does however mean I'm off overseas for a little trip about three weeks after my surgery. Im open to any and all suggestions for eating while travelling in the week 3 - 6 phase. Lots of feelings happening at the moment (none of which I am eating I will add) - excited, scared, nervous, apprehensive, determined... One week and counting - Eek!! xx
  15. sleevie_nicks_

    Sleevers July 2017

    Looking for anyone else having a sleeve done on or near 11 July 2017. Let's chat
  16. i had a bit of a google search and a search on here and can't seem to find any answers, so hoping someone may have been in a similar position or can shed some light for me. i will state firstly I am seeing my surgeon on Wednesday May 3rd, but curiosity is getting the better of me, and maybe a little worry. So i was originally banded back in 2012. Lost a fair amount of weight and maintained it till i got pregnant in 2014 I had my daughter but put a fair whack of weight back on. We later found my band had moved up at some point, caused a bunch of scar tissue and so was removed as was an outer layer of stomach, to help make way for me converting to a sleeve later. i waited 9 months to give my stomach a really good chance to heal before getting the sleeve. During the surgery apparently my stomach bled a bit along the staple lines so the surgeon did a bit more hand sewing. Have ended up with horrid reflux now and max dose of nexium for the most part keeps it at bay. The problem i am now having is constant regurgitation. I was sleeved in September 2016 and till now have lost 46kg. Speaking with my surgeon he is worried i may actually be slowly starving my body. I have trouble keeping water down at times, and i vomit multiple times a day. Sometimes it is right after a mouthful of food, other times 15 or 20 minutes later. i chew really well, and ever blended soups can come back up. My surgeon was thinking it may be a problem higher up in my stomach and said it it was so we should be able to fix it with minimal effort and shouldn't affect my weight loss. He ordered a barium swallow with solids which i had done this wednesday 26th May. The radiologist when doing it(and he does them often as it was at the preferred hospital as they know what to look for) said, "oh that's interesting". i then asked him what was so interesting. He said he needed to look into it further, but my reflux was coming right from the bottom of my stomach(he also said my esophageal sphincter isn't loose). He also said that at the bottom of the stomach mine seems to be in a curved and somewhat partly looped kind of position. This bottom part being like this is really worrying me. I don't know at this stage if i will need more surgery, can it actually be fixed etc. And i know my surgeon can tell me more about it, but i am so worried about it now. i guess maybe I'm just looking for some reassurance and to see if anyone has any info. i am the smallest i can ever remember being, smaller than i got with the band and I don't want it to stop as I want to lose another 15 or 20kg if possible. i also dont want to lose what stomach I have left and then need TPN to live on. I can't even get two mouthfuls of food in most of the time. Sorry for the long winded bit. But I figure if anyone can understand how I feel etc it would be people on here. Ness
  17. hello123

    Help! Op in 11 days!

    Hey everyone! I'm in Perth and I've started my optifast in the lead up to my operation! However!!! I have just fractured my ankle! My gp says it will be fine (I'm wearing a moon boot) to go ahead with the operation, I'm still waiting to hear back from the surgeon! But from what I gather it's the anaesthetist at the end of the day who says if I have the surgery or not! Has anyone had a ridiculous obstacle like this prior to Op!?!? Thanks so much!
  18. Hi, I've had a weight problem since forever, at least my teens, no earlier. I'm now 54. I've decided to get the 'sleeve' process done and I've had an initial consultation (4weeks ago) and been assessed as suitable (172kgs, bmi 55) and see the specialist at the end of May. The GP, who did the assessment said I should lose at least 10kgs before the operation. I'm going with 2 replacement meals and dinner and not finding it too hard (lost nearly 8kgs). I think that is mainly because I want the operation to go ahead and be a success. Support in my family is a bit mixed, mum's onside now she's read all the information from the specialist, one sister very positive and one not so much. Talking about food, emotional eating, pain in my knees and ankles due to long term obesity and all seems very hard but healthier than maintaining a 'cone of silence'. I'm glad and grateful there is this support site. I appreciate reading other people's stories at different places in their journey.
  19. ScratchCat

    Sleeved 24 April

    Hi People As I've mentioned in my previous posts, I was a former bandit and have just taken the plunge with a sleeve. My surgery was on Monday 24 April 2017 and I was discharged today 27 April to recover at home. You can read about my concerns surrounding >> Anti Depressents during Nil By Mouth I had some teething problems immediately after surgery related to my anti-depressant medication and abdominal pain. You can read about my pre-op concerns at Anti Depressents during Nil By Mouth. I was able to take my medication on the morning of surgery, but had to skip all of the next day and most of the day after that due to delays in getting the results from the swallow test. The lack of medication resulted in increase nausea and a loss of balance resulting in me falling over whenever I tried to go for a walk in the ward. Due to the lack of post-surgical exercise, I was having pretty bad back and shoulder pain when coupled with my surgical abdominal pain became overwhelming and too much for me. I didn't sleep for the the first 2 nights in hospital and by the end of it was an emotional mess. My surgeon happened to turn up in the middle of this "episode" and was concerned at the high level of abdominal pain I was getting. He then asked the nurse to partially pull out my drain which she did resulting in my pain levels going from a 9/10 down to a 2/10 instantly. It appears the drain was pressing against my diaphragm and nerve ending in the area resulting in pain. Not common, but can happen in some individuals. Anyway, im going to go and cradle 200ml of pumpkin soup and try and learn what my new stomach is telling me
  20. maryjane293

    Anyone from Brisbane?

    Hi Everyone, I've decided I'm doing it, I want a sleeve. No PHI- so I'm going to withdraw from my super, went to GP today and she gave me a referral so off to Brisbane Obesity Clinic next week. Questions: - Anyone been to Brisbane Obesity Clinic? - How long did you need off work? - Will I need someone to help care for me if I live alone? - Did you have any issues getting super to cover it all? (I have enough in there) - Did you hide this from friends and family? how did that go? (I don't want any negativity and want to keep this to myself, I live 8 hours away from family so think I can get away with it for a while) - Any good TV shows, Movies or Youtube Bloggers that cover any of these topics you would suggest watching? - I go away in June for a month, back on July 8. Do you think I would have enough time to get it done before and is it risky going overseas after having it or should I wait and get done straight after I return in July? any advice?
  21. Hiya! I have been considering the Sleeve, my BMI is 33 and i have had a battle with weight my whole life, I have chronic back pain which stops me from the cardio and weight training i used to do. Just wondering if anyone has used Dr Paul Moroz in Joondalup and if he will even see me with a BMI of 33. Just wondering also if anyone regrets the Sleeve?! Thank you so much in advance!! Ellex
  22. MimWondering

    Can anybody help me?

    Hi Everyone, I am so happy to meet you all! Seeing your post about the success of your surgery has me super inspired I am currently meeting with Doctors in Sydney discussing having either the Plication (unbanded) or the Gastric Sleeve. I am currently 97kgs and ideally looking for a 30 kgs weight loss. On one hand the Plication has no real data and not that amazing results. 20-30% of weight loss goal reached is just not worth an op in my opinion. But wow it sounds like a dream come trye if it does work. I can't have the band as I tried the balloon 5 years about and became so sick with a foreign object in my stomach I just couldnt do it to myself again. On the other hand the Sleeve is intense surgery and there isn't much data for +10 years results on the body, will it affect longevity of life and what about hair loss and dumping and taking vitamins everyday for the rest of my life? I am committed to surgery. I am fit and healthy and love to exercise and eat right. In fact I am off to Yoga Camp for 3 weeks next week! Even at my weight I hike and dance. My issue is binge eating and I just find it really hard to eat right alllll of the time. I am not a foodie at all I just tend to always reach for sugar. And I do love a drink with friends. I have such trouble maintaining weight loss in the long term. Oh and bread... Bread is my kryptonite. Any advice would be amazing considering age and life style and weaknesses. I know you can't make this decision for me but any advice from others who have lived it would just be a god send. Look forward to hearing from you
  23. Hi all, Thank you in advance for your thoughtful replies. It's been about two years since I've been on this forum, and boy, have I been through hell. Multiple complications with my band include unable to eat even the smallest bites of food before 12pm, frequently unable to eat when stressed despite only having 4ml mixed with the ability to overeat at other times. Cutting myself off now. I'm scarred. Scarred from vomiting saliva, and how that was handled by my surgeon's rooms. All I can say is, thank heavens for Dr Jennifer Duncombe on Dr Blair Bowden's team. My goodness did she help me out! That was very scary stuff. I'm tired of feeling like just another patient in a long line of patients. For someone with a bit of anxiety and nervousness around bariatric surgery, I can't go back to my previous surgeon. I need a surgeon who will make the effort and show he genuinely cares. I've decided on Dr Hatzifotis and aim to be sleeved Dec 2017. Question time: I have Ultimate cover with BUPA and I've been quoted $4500 for the surgeon fees, $300 for assistant surgeon, $650-$850 for anaesthetist. Since my morphine haze of my last surgery in Nov 2014, I seriously cannot remember how payment was organised. Can anyone help me out with how the #31575 code works with PHI and the process of paying for the surgery. So far I know that I have to pay the surgeon and assistant surgeon fees a week before surgery, but as for the rest and how Bupa works I'm a bit confused. Due to my ultimate cover, I also won't have an excess and will have $200 for other out of pocket expenses by Bupa. So. What is the process of paying my hospital account and how does PHI cover 31575? Thank you! Amelia
  24. Zara1

    August Sleevers

    Hi all, So I have a date, everythings booked, insurance is sorted and I'm scared to death!! I've finally committed to having the surgery after 3 years of dipping my toes in the water and researching. Is there any other August sleevers out there? I would really love to have some sleeve buddies who will be at the same stage as me. I'm currently scheduled for surgery on the 16th of August, anyone else having surgery on or about this date?
  25. Nikki_77

    Hi from Ballarat

    Hi, I found this forum the other week, and have finally decided to sign up and say hi. I am due to get my sleeve in a couple of weeks time, and I am really looking forward to it. I am going through Dr Stuart Eaton, and am using a combination of my own funds and my super funds to pay for the surgery. I am curious about how long people stayed in hospital after surgery. I have 4 friends who have had it done, and one got after 1 night, and the others spent 2 nights in. Stuart has told me, that it is a minimum of 3 nights.