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Anyone had chemical MIBI test?

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Hi everyone

As part of the testing to see if i'm fit enough to be given my sisters kidney over the last two days i've had the MIBI rest n stress tests.

The rest test was good but yesterday due to my rotten knee i couldnt walk on the treadmill n had to have the chemical injection to simulate me having big exercise

omg it felt like a heart attack! or as the techie said 'the feeling of ultimate doom'

Have you had one? what did you think of the pain?

Last nite i had microwaved an already cooked sausage. popped bits in my mouth without sauce (i know!). it got stuck. all nite very sore very stuck. been sore all nite. i've been off colour since the test n even worse since stuck.

Now i'm not sure if my back pain is from the stress test or the stuck. I'm sure my pain is from the stuck (back pain, spitting up heaps, can only just now stomach clear fluids)but have u had a MIBI test n did you have ongoing pain?

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