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Gastric Sleeve - 2 weeks and counting.

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Hi All,

This is my first post although i have been lurking in the background for some time. About 18 months ago, i embarked on the course of if i should go down the path of a lap banding (or in this case, gastric sleeve).

About a week ago, i decided to proceed with the operation and now i am booked in for the 26th of November... 2 weeks from now.

I am excited yet nervous.

I decided that after reading many posts on lap banding, that i wanted something that was permanent and low maintenance and hence why i am going for the gastric sleeve.

My doctor is Dr. Justin Greenslade and after my initial consultation and reading reviews, i found that he helped me make an informed decision as well as being understandable.

The costs involved so far;

Initial consult $150 (approx with $70 back from medicare. It was a while ago, so i think that is correct)

Doctor for surgery $3500

Anesthetist $1500

Medibank Hospital gap $250

Optifast $100

I havent put in a claim yet for the fees to medibank and medicare, so i will get a little back from that as well as offset my tax next year.

Dr Greenslade has recommended that i see a dietician, although not required and for pre-op, 2 weeks of optifast for breakfast and lunch, with dinner consisting of a small piece of chicken with 2 cups of vegi's.

Hospitalisation is generally four days with a two week recovery and not looking forward to the mushy eating plan lol.

Exciting road ahead.....

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Good luck with your journey :-)

I look forward to reading your posts about your success !

Take care


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Hi Lac

I have seen people highly regard Dr Greenslade for the sleeve. The recovery phase does seem rather daunting but does pass by fairly quickly and before you know it you are eating well in nice small portions or normal foods while dropping weight!

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Thanks for the replies.

Well.... Tomorrow is the big day. Excited and nervous come to mind.

On a positive, so far i have lost about 10kg's in two weeks on optifast.

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Hi Armish,

I was going to have the banding done but since my first meeting with Dr Ryan (Campbelltown) and discussing the difference between the two procedures and possible issues that could I arise, I have decided to have the sleeve done. For me it is the right choice, unfortunately I have to wait until the 24th January before I can have my operation. No talk of the Optifast diet yet, but I go back to see him just before xmas, so I expect it will be discussed then.

I'm excited about the new me, I didn't want to put a photo of me up on my profile, but decided I should to encourage me as I don't want to be that person anymore.

I'm glad your op went well and look forward to following your journey along with others.

My costs are less, I didn't have to pay for my visits to the specialist, only a $250 payment before the operation, and an excess of $250 + $67 excess fee to the health fund, and then $4,500 for the year of follow ups, but, I only pay $80 a week that starts a month after the operation. It makes it very affordable for me although I do hope to be able to pay it all at once.

Take care.

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