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80kg Down - Under 70kg - Post Arm Lift

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Just thought I would do an update.

Oh, I am back in the beautiful land down under, home, Australia... after 9 months of being away and all, it feels oh so good to be back.

Apart from the joy of being back, I am under 70kg. I was 68kg but gained 1 kg in a week after the freedom and indulgence and lack of exercise. LOL That was expected, as I have been on a mountain for 7 months with barely any good food choices and depravation galore. Hey, but I gotta get back to working out as that has been the main thing keeping me on track.

Other than that, I had an arm lift (brachioplasty) done in Turkey 4 weeks ago. I do want to do a post solely on this so I will not go into too much detail here, but seriously, after coming out of surgery I thought, 'No way am I getting anything else done, ever!'. However, now, I am like, 'well, maybe...' :) It just hurt so much...

Anyhow, some photos from the weekend for some inspiration... I must also add, I am very happy with my current appearance, the weight I am at... I am now a size 8! I would never have known... Wishing every one of you who are still at the beginning or somewhere half way to their goal even better success than I have had, and I cannot stress this enough: You will go through blood, sweat, and tears. If you want sustainable weight, reach your goal, you really have no other way. The band will help you with this. The first heap of weight is usually pretty easy to get off without any extra work, but the last few... you are gonna have to get a few workouts in there and try to eat healthy.

All the best to you all in the New Year.



P.S. Adding some pre-op photos again for comparison...







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Amazing lady, look fwd to more info on the arm lift :)

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I love the picture of you with your husband, you look so happy.

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Guest Bethany

Same here, love the piccie with your hubby and I love that you 're eating an ice cream whilst looking simply sensational, interested to hear about the arm lift also x

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Well done :) I'm also looking forward to hearing about and seeing some pictures of your arm lift, it's something I'd like to have done next year, I want to have nice arms for my wedding :)

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