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Apricot Chicken

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Im finding this recipe delish blended...


500g (2-3 breast chicken fillets)

1 x tin of apricot nectar

1 x packet of french onion soup mix

Curry powder to taste

1 tablespoon corn flour to thicken the sauce


In a casserole dish place the diced chicken breast

pour half of the tin of apricot nectar over the chicken

in a bowl mix the remainder apricot nectar, french onion soup mix, curry powder & corn flour

then pour over the chicken - mix it all in nice


Put it in the oven on 150degrees for about an hour


delish with rice or mash potato on the side + veggies 


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Yum, your recipe Apricot Chicken which is such an easy recipe and one of my favourites is added to my list of recipes I have printed out off this site and cheers to everyone who put an easy recipe and tasty on here for me.

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