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Question about PHI and which surgery to use it?

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I've got BUPA PHI  - $500 excess and plan on getting the surgery next year when my 1 year rolls over. 

I am just wondering if anyone in tassie has gotten the lap-band with BUPA PHI in Tasmania,

and if so which of the two surgery options are best with BUPA since BUPA requires them to be BUPA recognised providers?

and approximately how much gap did you end up having to pay when it was all said and done?


Oh and P.S how far ahead to people recommend booking their consultations before they want the surgery?

The people at BUPA i talk to suggested i book my consult before my actually 1 year waiting period is up so i dont have to wait as long after the period is done, but i'm not sure if that means like 6 months, 3 months, or 4 weeks ahead? lol



I am excited even if i do have to wait a while to get started :)

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Hi Raven. I am in the process now of waiting for my 12months to click over on my PHI - 16th Feb 2014. I got the ball rolling in Nov last year with my GP referral. I booked into see my surgeon in Dec and going by what he said this process is quite common. I've been and had my blood's, urine and ECG done. I've seen the dietician and psychologist and my last appointment is tomorrow with the physician before I go back to see my surgeon on 6th feb. I'm guessing when I go back we will then secure a date for surgery. Which will be pretty much on target for my 12 month waiting period. I'm sure if you let your surgeon know they will be able to work around that with you. I hope this helps and keep updating with your progress... Good Luck

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