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Hi all.... joined up today and feeling BLERGH and have no idea who to chat to that gets it.. :/


So thought I'd share and hopefully get some help advice chat etc... anything really


SAHM  of two boys 5'4 and 103 kg- pretty stable weight-  doesn't tend to move a lot- like me I guess ;)


Really interested in Gastric surgery for a while now, fairly sure not considered an appropriate candidate for the band as I have an auto immune condition- and from what I have read that tends to make it a no no-

So thinking on Bypass vs Sleeve.


I don't binge eat- or over eat really - I know what your thinking i'm in denial how can I not and have so much chunky on my monkey, but seriously I don't drink alcohol, I do do tea or coffee, no soft drinks, no hot chips, no potato chips, no ice cream, no dairy really( occasional yogurt if it is home made)


I do tend to skip breakfast which I know is bad, and ok ok sometimes lunch too- with me only eating one meal which would be  something like vegies and a small bit of chicken or crumbed fish ( also don't do lamb, pork, beef)

So if im honest I would say my one meal would be that of an average size adult meal ( Not counter meal style slab but not French minuscule serve ether)  - who isn't dieting.


Always drink 2litres a day water, biggest crave would be 2 days before period time I will seek slightly sweeter foods but that's it really, I don't gorge, ok again have been know to eat 1/2 a family size block of choc at period time to regret it the next day......

My down fall would be roast vegies,( pasta meh, steak meh, chips meh), all the "known" culprits I avoid because I don't like them enough to bother eating them.


Im the kind of gal  who wont eat something just because it is there- if I do happen to have pizza- it is bbq sauce or nothing- seriously  I would rather go without than eat something I don't like. ( fussy I know)


As I said I have auto immune issues joint issues etc- so I know I don't move as much as I should - that being said im fairly active, participate in city to bay, climb mount lofty etc- im fit- but fat..... apparently we cant be that though so back to my dilemma. ( no I cant even blame the meds as I try to stay off of them at all costs - apparently they cause weight gain ;P  )


So my love of real food ( meaning not processed) clearly isn't doing me any favours- so I bit the bullet and started optifast a week ago.... Joint hurting- over not knowing if I have toes down there something had to give.


Logic for and against went a little something like this

- so many chemicals and additives- ewwwwwww

BUT Dr's recommend it before surgery so it cant be TOO bad

- so much sugar it's coating my teeth

But surely there is some benefit in doing it or why would it be recommended by dr's before surgery

- ok so it isn't too bad- I miss my vegies though- and struggling to eat my three replacements.

Shhh just hold your nose and do it

- really????  "healthy" is teaching my body to eat a choc flavoured gelatinous mousse type substance as "dinner"

surely not


you see I'm getting no where fast ..... But a week in- (and that time of month later) im down 4 kg.


issue well I don't see this as a healthy option...

I'm not hanging out for a choc bar here people I would murder someone for a bowl of peas!!!!!


I have booked a visit with Dr Michael France- to discuss my options - on 20th August ( anyone know much about him)?


Issue now thanks to my last week of artificial nutrients Im now under the BMI recommended for surgery *sigh*( too thin to be fat now whatever next) So no idea where to go what to do etc from here-

Some amazing success stories from people on here, but equally some who weren't as happy as they thought.


I need to get mass off for my joint and body health- plus it wouldn't hurt re introduce myself to my toes sometime in the near future.

Will one of these options help me? or will i continue to avoid food only consuming  a much smaller "main" mean at the end of the day still??


Would love to hear from anyone- because clearly I love to talk and feeling a bit overwhelmed right now as to where my path might be...


thanks for listening guys - 









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I'll be a bit nosey here- what sort of auto immune and how is it treated? If you need to take steroids (prednisolone or similar) you will put on weight and seesaw. Somehow it never seems to be easy to lose the total weight you gain on them and just keep adding a bit each time. You are under the BMI but this doesn't necessarily rule out surgery-you will have to be frank with your surgeon.

You have two boys- depending on how old they are that's a full time job in itself. A life on Optifast is hardly "normal" for anyone but it does get the weight down and soften the liver for surgery. The other thing is to be brutally honest about how much and what goes into your daily eating. Keep an honest food diary for a week- all of us are quite good at "forgetting" a couple of biscuits with a cuppa or the odd mouthful of food while we prepare our meals.

My weight loss is slow to average ( currently gained 3 kg on steroids ) but now I know it will come off again when I'm off them. It's still hard work and a bit demoralising when it goes on in a few weeks but seems to be months to get back on track. Flare ups are better handled when you are able to exercise daily rather than the odd marathon effort.

My choice was a band- am I 100% happy with it? Maybe!! I had the double whammy of needing fill out and steroids and the last 2 weeks able to eat anything and larger quantities so I'm sweating for Monday week when the fill goes back.

In the end it's your choice what you do as far as WLS goes but look at it as permanent and it will only work if you put the effort in.

Good luck with your appointment.

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Hey Ozchick... I adore Nosey :)

I have Lupus - autoimmune wise- I refused all meds- well basically because they make me feel so crap- rather live shorter and in possible pain later than be a bloated zombie for my kids now. been a 7 year fight issue struggle etc... But I always win :rolleyes:


yep kids always a big job- my youngest has special needs so I am a little full on running around after him, I  do jest- I am pretty good and regular with light exercise, in honesty probably not as much as I should or could do.


I figured I have to be pretty brutal for myself to be honest and change my life- I have kept a food diary for the past year whilst deciding on my "right" direction path- so I am fairly confident in what I do and don't put in- ;)

Thank you for your response and best wishes- I hope meeting a surgeon will have some impact on which/what is right.


Steroids suck- no ifs ands or buts- must be tough going through those issues with a band as well.... im assuming here you have an autoimmune disorder as well- aren't they the greatest?! :(

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