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Today I saw a client I haven't seen since before I had surgery.  She's really lovely and always so polite.  


I walked up to her and she gave me a big hug and said "omg you've had your baby, congratulations!"  


It took a second for the penny to drop and I started to giggle and said oh no no no I wasn't pregnant just overweight, I didn't have a baby I lost weight!


She looked mortified meanwhile I was doing my best not to roar with laughter, she's known me for 2 years - did she think I was pregnant all that time?  Eventually she did start giggling with me and said I'm so glad you can see the funny side of my faux pas.


Still chuckling thinking of it now!

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That's So funny .. Glad u found and kept a sense of humor .. C I have in the past asked 3 different ladies on different occasions asked when their baby was due .... Hence I have made a mental note to never ever ask when the baby's was due as I was wrong on all 3 occasions ...

I have never been more embarrassed when I have " opened my mouth and inserted my foot "

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Love it.


I'm a clucky kinda lady, love babies, and I'm around babies at work.


People have actually rubbed my (fat) belly and asked when my baby is due. They look like they've been stung when I say "No, REALLY, I'm just fat".

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