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ADD and over-eating.

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Hi all,


Thought some of you would find this interesting. 


I was recently diagnosed with ADD (the inattentive type, not hyperactive). It's something I have had since childhood, more than likely, but it often goes undiagnosed in girls and women because we learn to compensate better than boys/men and we're less likely to have the hyper type. It doesn't mean you can't function but certain things (like organisation, planning, time management and so forth) do not come naturally. 


During my session, I was surprised to find out that ADD and over-eating are very much linked - obesity in people with ADD is several times higher than in the general population. Boredom and lack of stimulation are triggers and we tend to have a slow response to feelings of 'fullness'. 


I found all this very interesting and had more than a few 'uh huh!' moments. I never felt like a food addict as such...I couldn't really pinpoint why I over-ate. 


Will be interesting to see how the medication affects things. 





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That is very interesting, although i generally am quite organised, i do seem to have a short attention span and my brother was diagnosed with ADHD as a child (although recently we believe he may have mild Asperger's).

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I have ADD was diagnosed when I was 17.  One thing the counsellor I saw at the time said was that I may have a tendency to become addicted to things easily, which is very true I tend to call it more obsessed with things i.e. chocolate...  But I've also had periods when I've been obsessed with exercising or obsessed with eating a certain food so I would definitely agree with that.

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