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So after waiting out the PHI waiting period, I have seen my surgeon (Dr Khaleal) and I have booked in for surgery!!!

I am really excited and focusing on getting as much information in as possible to help me prepare for the changes, and to utilise the bands full potential.

I have been stalking this site for a long while now so I will introduce myself - my name is Rachael, I'm 28 from Western Sydney (Penrith actually). I am a single mum and I'm so looking forward to finally ridding having a REAL tool to help me get rid of my excess weight.

I'm open to any advice anyone wants to give but basically I'm just happy to be here :D

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Welcome Rachael.  You will love being a member of this group - everyone is so kind and ready to help everybody else.  No question is too silly or bizarre, someone will try and help you.  I wish you much luck in your journey - goal seems so far away when you start, but it slowly but surely disappears, and looking back it doesn't seem that long at all.  Good luck :)  jan

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