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FINALLY, today I reached my 25kg loss goal

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Well after 7 long years and alot of trying times and false starts I finally today achieved my 25kg loss goal.


I am so proud of myself that I had to shout it from the rooftops and share.  


I have to say that is hasn't been an easy ride, but I have persisted with it and decided to take it really slowly and not rush it like every other diet I have tried in the past.  There have also been times where I have yo-yo'd and decided that I couldn't be bothered and ate all "slippery" fat foods. I spend many a year in this cycle.


Anywho that is my story and I have attached a pic from the week before surgery and one from earlier today. Neither are particularly glamorous but do show the progress I have made. I am going out on Saturday night so might take another, when I have not just done a 2.2km power walk.


For those that have struggles all I can say is take baby steps and aim for small losses per week, which are far more achievable and really adds up.  My aim for the last 2 years was to lose 5kgs each year and all of a sudden I have reached my goal. Yay!


Good luck to all.  :D


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