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canberra bariatric info session

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Hi Everyone,

I'm going to the information session on Monday the 15th of June for Canberra Bariatric. Will there be people there who will share their success stories? I'm really hoping so because I'm bringing my hubby along (who is not so keen on the idea). Anything else I can expect from the session and approx how long it goes for? Also is there a support group with them for people who will be at the same stage as me? Finally, I have not booked my appointment with the surgeon yet; how long does the process usually take from seeing him until I get in for the surgery? I understand you have to see a dietician and psych?

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Hi Renshell


I went to my info session 5 years ago so things might have changed.


They didn't have patients there to talk about their experiences, I have offered the benefit of my experience to talk at info sessions and they haven't asked me to (even though they are keen for me to do it).


At mine they had Charlie to a talk on the different types of WLS with a slide show or video presentation as well. They also had the dietician talk about what to expect post-WLS. They used to have a psych do a talk but she wasn't at mine, turns out my own psych was the one they recommended in any case!


They had quite a long time for Q&A - lots of people took their other half or friend for support. I think there might have been around 15 people at mine? They don't have a support group through the clinic but I have found lots of support through this forum and a couple of Facebook pages. There is a Canberra WLS (secret) FB page. PM me if you would like the details.


After the session I called to book an appointment to see a surgeon. I think there was around a 4-6 week wait to see the surgeon. I saw Siva (who is jus gorgeous!) because it was a longer wait to see Charlie. I did have to see the dietician (Jason) and he mainly talks about the pre-op diet and what to expect afterwards.


I wasn't required to see a psych but as I saw one anyway, I got a letter of recommendation from her "just because".


If you want to withdraw from Super, then you need to allow time for that process. I could have been operated on within 4 weeks of my surgical appointment. I chose to wait a few months because I was withdrawing from Super and because of work commitments.


When I had my band removed, again I could have had it done within a few weeks but also elected to wait for a suitable time with work. I then got sleeved 17 weeks after that operation.

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