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Joni C

*NEW* OPTIFAST pre-op suitable recipe blog - boredom buster !

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Hello all, I'm Joni from the Optifast VLCD support group and am nearing the end of the intensive phase of the program. I'm also a super keen home cook. A few members from the Optifast group suggested my blog and pinterest may be of interest for you to use during your pre-op regime.  I have a passion to convert "normal" meals into opti friendly ones. After doing about 150 of them, I have a new blog that is up and running. I've put most of my past recipes in there with a recipe index with printable recipe cards (how fancy pants).

This is purely for my interest and not a profit making thing in any way, shape or form.

Blog: http://www.opticook.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/opticook?ref=ts&fref=ts

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/joni1976/opti-intensive-recipes/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/opticook/

I am hoping those like me with an interest in being creative in the kitchen will enjoy the read & that it may make your time leading up to and maybe even after surgery a little more pleasant !

Privacy wise, the Facebook page isn't private, however it is simply a page like and won't show in your news feed (from what I've read). The blog is a Wordpress thing, so definately completely seperate and any comments will not show on your Facebook account as is the instagram & pinterest.

I've done meals such as Lasagne, Shepherds Pie, Basil Pesto pasta, Laksa soup, Pot pie with cauli mash, Korma & Madras curry, all sorts of cauli rice, Spinach Cannelloni, Mushroom Burger, Sweet n Sour veges with rice & a tex-mex feast. The list goes on ...

It goes without saying that you of course follow the direction of your specialists diet wise. All my recipes adhere strictly to the allowed foods of the OPTIFASTprogram, 2 cups of vege plus 1 tsp of oil.  Hope you enjoy it !

Cheers,  Joni 

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Oh dear Lordy!!!  These all look great!

And, BTW, welcome to the forum!


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