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Tubing Being Shortened

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So, a bit of background for those who are new to my ongoing pain saga:

I've been banded almost 3 years and for that entire time I've had intermittent pain, ranging from a mild annoyance, to "OMG ... I think I should go to the hospital" kinda pain. It's a stitch like pain under my ribs on the left side that radiates down to near my hip. I've had xrays, ultrasound, colonoscopy, 2 gastroscopies and a barium swallow. All came back fine. So now the surgeon thinks the tubing might be rubbing on my diaphragm and wants to confirm this by having a look at an abdominal CT I had done earlier this year for an unrelated issue, and if it IS rubbing against my diaphragm said he will do a simple laparoscopy and shorten the tubing and this should fix the problem. I'm pissed that it's taken so long to get to this stage but also relieved that it's finally looking like it'll be fixed and I'll be pain free.

Has anyone else had an issue with the tubing rubbing against their diaphragm and causing pain? If so, did you have your tubing shortened and did it fix the problem? How long were you in hospital for and did they use the same scars?

I should also mention that even though I'm not a radiologist, it is glaringly obvious on the scan that my tubing does go right up under my ribs so I'm pretty sure it IS rubbing against my diaphragm. I'll pop up a piccie if I can work out how to get one off the disc.

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OMG What a lot of bullshit Trish :mellow:... I know of your pain saga. Lets hope this is the end of it and it's a simple fix, fast and painless.

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I hope it does fix your problem, and it is quite pathetic that it has taken all this time to find out. But on the plus side with all the tests you have had done you know your fine otherwise. 

When I had my port fixed my surgeon used the same scars. A lot of surgeons do.

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