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I am currently looking at getting a sleeve done and am looking at some personal stories to help ease my anxiety. I need to get this done, so I can be around for my kids. I want to get it done. But last night I made the stupid decision to google and found stories about how people have starved to death afterwards, due to lack of nutrients. Can anyone please ease my mind? I have an appointment to see a doctor in a few weeks. I'm grateful for any input. Thanks.

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Hi Pup,

There is no denying some people have bad experiences (like ANY medical procedure of any kind) but if you read around these forums you will see on the whole its a massively positive and life changing experience for most people.

I started off at 167kg and got sleeved April 29, 2015. I'm now 61kg down, and still going. As per the surgeons advice I take Multivitamins and Vitamin C every day, and have a 4 monthly Vitamin B injection. I have not felt better or healthier since my early teen years (I am nearly 41 now). 

Follow your GP and Surgeons advice, and work with a Nutritionist. You will get everything your body needs if you eat right and don't go back to bad habits.

When you see your GP and then surgeon, talk to them about all your fears and ask a million questions. In the meantime, you will probably find all the answers here anyway :) Good luck! 

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