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Hi everyone,

I am very excited to say that I will be sleeved in November. 

I have private health insurance but dropped my level of cover which took out gastrics. So, I have increased back up & now have to wait 12 months. Boo to that!!

Anyway, I don't think I am going to be able to wait!! Has anyone out there been recently been treated as a private patient in a public hospital? My surgeon requires PHI but I would consider swapping if I could be sleeved sooner!

How do I cope psychologically when you have to wait 12 months!? 

Sohealthy (soon to be..)

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I had to wait 12 months for my private health insurance to kick in.  In the beginning it is easier to cope because it is so far away and life goes on and you focus on other things.  It also gave me time to research the good and the bad parts of the procedure and prepare myself mentally as wel.  For me the last few months were the ones that were the hardest.  I began wishing my life away and counting the days.  I am now going in on Monday to have my band and these last few days are the longest.  But I am glad I waited.

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