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New lease on life

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My surgery journey started in January 2015, I can't thank Prof Memon and his fantastic team for all their help and advise.

I started this journey at over 140kg and to date have lost 55kg, the weight drops steadily week after week.  My energy and activity levels has tripled and allows me to do things I only dreamed of. I now have become a bit of a gym junkie. 

Must say it is not easy you must work at it to get the results, but with the band it tells you when your bad and you become more aware of you food choice.

Prof Memon and team has been great.  More importantly though the staff at the clinic are absolutely fantastic and the allied health professionals are brilliant.  It is the support provided by the whole team that matters and this team is first rate.

Why did I procrastinate for so long?  Ask my self many times now should have done it years ago. Have tried many diets with now long term weight loss, with Dr Memon and teams help think I have found the solution.

The biggest point I can suggest to all that has considered lap band is to add exercise as part of the journey to a new better lifestyle. I started slowly with a walk around the block then progressed to around 10kms a day, then found a free fitness program which help ten fold. The program is call "LIVE LIFE BE ACTIVE" you book on the web and there is many locations around Brisbane. This is a great start before wasting big dollars on gym fees, which might not be for everyone.


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Well done on your weight loss.  What an achievement.  And it really good to see that you

acknowledged the hard work you put in to get your results and that the band is there to remind

you of what you can eat or not eat.

I am going in on Monday and I cannot wait to start my journey.



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