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Making it by Nov?

Want band out and have sleeve done

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Hi All,

As the title suggest this is what I would like done. 

I feel since I have had my baby the band is constantly making me vomit. 

Now my question is does anyone know rough costs involved. I won't be using the same Dr as I did to have the band inserted as I have now moved. I have an appointment in a few week in Canberra but just trying to figure out costs involved until then. Did many people use their super? First time round I paid out of my own pocket. 

Any advice appreciated 

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Hey there, I'm a fellow Canberran and now ex-bandit.

There is only one clinic in Canberra (Canberra Bariatric) and they do lap banding and sleeves only. I'm not sure what they would charge you for band removal as mine was removed for no gap. I was then subsequently sleeved for half their usual $6,000 fee because I was using the same surgeon for all procedures. Siva Gananadha is my surgeon.

There is Dr Chris Harrison in Wagga who does lap band removal and subsequent WLS (sleeves and bypass operations) and he is also very experienced. Again, I'm not sure what his fees are.

I asked DHS when I was considering band-sleeve revision and I was told that I could apply for early withdrawal of super for these operations. I ended up refinancing my mortgage and using that money instead.

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