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Hot Weather - Tight Gastric Sleeve? Loss of Appetite?

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Hi folks,

I am in stinking hot Perth, and due to having a huge fire fuel load on my urban  property - leaves, bark and twigs from a large non-local Eucalypt - have had to get out in the yard and get on and deal with it (raking, bagging etc).

Doing this in the mornings, but sometimes have had to go into the afternoon.

I try to work in the shaded areas, but we have still got to 44c in the shade here.

I've been doing this in the mornings, but sometimes have had to go into the afternoon.

(Due to my thermoregulatory problems, I am just wearing shoes, socks, bra, knickers; and use "cool towel", neck cooling scarves, wiping myself down with a wet flannel, sticking my head under the cool tap etc.  And drinking heaps, also drinking chilled no added sugar coconut water - this is gorgeous!)

I have noticed that my appetite has totally gone during the morning and into the afternoon, and doesn't come back until later in the afternoon/evening.

Also, if I do try to eat during the day I can only manage a couple of mouthfuls.

I am 12 months post op.

Anyone else experience this? 

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