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Sounds like very good advice to me.  Weight loss is so complicated, isnt it?  Surgery doesnt "fix" anything at all, its still mind over matter.  All surgery has done for me is make me not as hungry and satisfied quicker. Not one single one of my dysfunctional attitudes to food has changed, not in 11 years.  Yet I'm still sitting here at a normal weight.  

I've recently been trying to pay attention to those hunger/fullness signals again, having this chest pain has really make me realise that I have been overeating - not to the point of gaining weight but still just eating without thinking. Suprisingly, although I dont feel the "restriction" I had in the early years, if I eat properly I am done after less than a cup of food. I dont need the whole sandwich and I realised halfway through my oatmeal this morning that it was really only the first few mouthfuls I enjoyed so I tipped the rest down the sink.

I think that's what we all need to remain conscious of, band OR sleeve. And realise that if you need more food than you can fit in at 3 meals (as I definitely do) the answer is controlled snacking, not bigger meals.


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