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This is another great resource for potential 'sleevers', and post-sleevers.

 The "good, the bad, and the ugly".  Believe me, there have been some hideous outcomes of folks who have had the gastric sleeve done, and then have experienced horrendous outcomes, through no fault of their own.  And despite following every guideline ...    It is  SERIOUS surgery.  And needs to be treated, and respected as so. Please -  just fork out the dosh, and book in and follow the guidelines of an experienced bariatric dietitian etc. 

It takes 10/52 for the stomach to heal, and even after that, late 'leaks' can happen.  And other complications ... 

It is up to YOU , BEFORE you have "Weight Loss Surgery" ("WLS") to research, research, research. Read, read, read. There are numerous resources out there. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Remember "The Six P's"?  I am not wishing to be crude here, but a good 'rule of thumb'/guideline is "Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance".

And from a SCUBA diving background - about 25 years ago - "Plan your dive, and dive to your plan".

(I have the same username on this site-  gastricsleevesupport.com "denzel").  You may also wish to look at my blog on this site, bandingtogether.com http://www.bandingtogether.com.au/community/profile/20941-denzel/

I can only re-emphasise the importance of working with your GP, bariatric surgeon, and bariatric-savvy dietitian.  Any questions/queries, please contact them first. Instead of posting on sites such as this and asking for opinions.  Your peers only just have this - opinions. This DOES not replace the guidelines and adbice of your .  That is their area of speciality -  not your faceless peers.  

And that YOU have to be accountable.  You.  Nobody else.  Believe me, WLS is just a tool.  

If you don't use it wisely, then it will not work for you  (so many posts about "I am a lapband/gastric sleeve/gastric by-pass failure".)   And my personal experience.    I HAVE to be diligent.  Hour by hour.  Day by day. Week by week etc. And, at the age of (turning 54) 53, I HAVE  to follow a "Low-carb, healthy fat" diet (LCHF).  Otherwise I just "blow-out".  Many, many years ago -  i.e around year 2000, I did that just that, 

No excuses for having your potentially-life threatening surgery done, and THEN ask "What should I be eating?" *sigh*.  I just 'don't get it'. Why you haven't you already connected with a bariatric-savvy dietitian BEFORE having this operation done? ....  And then you have read all the other resources out there?

Totally frustrating.  Us long-term sleevers answer queries such as this SO SO many times, then we get 'burnt out'.  Don't have the emotional/physical/well-being to answer the same questions over...and over ...and over ... and over again  etc.

So, at the end of the day, YOU have to be accountable.  I don't dish out platitudes - because, even though this may give that person instant gratification -  What? - at the end of the day? - is best for them?, and what they are seeking advise about? Instant gratification? or genuine advice?.  And it all boils down to head space.  Those who (superficially, and nominally) seek - "advice"  from their peers on forums such as these, rather than from experienced and qualified health professionals); unless they are willing to change head space/attitudes/beliefs  - (and "In My Humble Opinion" " IMHO") - is that for those folk. please seek professional help, who specialise in eating behaviour disorders.  Rather than need constant 'stroking' of their egos.  Because  in 1/5/10/15/20/ 20 + years, what is better for them?  (in 'normal mental health'... , and if they have other mental health/personality  problems, such as "borderline personality", it isn't us folk to try to work with this), it is their "health-care professionals".

Please be careful, for all of us "helpers" out there, there are are a lot of folk out there with "borderline personalities".  Just speaking from experience ... 


All the best!

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