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Getting back on track with band

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Hi there, 

has anyone else gained weight with their band however managed to get back on track? I've had mine for about 6 years and not using it to my advantage, I've got into some bad habits but finding it really difficult to get motivated :/ I keep seeing high protein shakes advertised, do these help? I know where I'm going wrong and just need to sew my mouth up! Thanks in advance 

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It can be done!!  Never got to goal, I do plateau a lot and slowly 10kg crept on.  Last September I had bowel surgery and lost 3 kg in hospital so it motivated me to go back and check my fill (needed some) and start moving again.  Summer time is always hard for me as I can't imagine doing anything in 40deg heat.  I now walk at least 5km/day and often more-but that's my minimum.  I've lost the 10kg+ and I'm now 1kg off goal.  Having the fill at right level really helped and cutting out (nearly!) all the chocolate and planning meals also worked.  

You do need to be ready (and for me facing up to the doctor after 6 years banded is keeping me on track) and set a day that you will start.  Good luck with your (second) and successful journey :)

....and i nearly forgot- that last 1kg has been hanging on for dear life for the last 3 weeks and I might still jump off a bridge if it doesn't go soon!!!!

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