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Sleepless in SA

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Hi everyone,

I had my sleeve done one week ago at 130 kg in my mid 40s. 

Thursday July 7, 2017. At the time the first two days seemed horrible but other than that I'm coping well but day to day. I have three major converns and a few questions.  The major concern right now is sleep.

1 -  Cant sleep - Ive always been a good sleeper and this is driving me crazy.

Not to mention sleep helps with recuperation, weight loss and mental health. 

2 - No 2s - I had an interesting in time on the loo the other night and was very happy to be in my own home. I'm nervous how that's going to play out if I  out and about. 

3 - Scare of what will happen in i over eat. I will have to cross that bridge after the liquid phase.

4 - What can you take to help reduce hair loss and does it have an impact? 

5 - What can you take (vitamins / lotions) to help try reduce the skin sag and does it have any real impact?

6 - What is a good protein alternative to Optifast? I'm almost to the point I can't stomach it.

It's been lovely to read and feel connected over the last week while I've been recovering.


Sleepless in SA









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