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Fallen off the Wagon

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Hi all, I had my lap band fitted 5 years ago and I am embarrassed to say that I have still yoyo'd and not achieved significant weight loss.

There have been many reasons why but it's time to take control again. I've been given this amazing tool for weight loss and I want to use it.

I need help to get back on the wagon. Can people please help me with what I need to do to get the ball rolling? I have recently moved from Qld so don't have a local bariatric doctor or dietician.

I feel so overwhelmed and embarrassed at failing. Would appreciate some tips as to what I can do to regain focus and start losing weight again. 


Thank you in advance xx



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I'm no angel but when I fall off the wagon, I generally go back onto just shakes for 3-5days to reset my stomach. Check out this link, it was shared on here years ago and has always helped me get back on track. In fact, if you want, I will start with you on Monday! I need a boot at the min too :) 



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I know all about falling off the band wagon.  I put 40 kg on when the wheels fell off.  My suggestion is to set yourself realistic small goals.  I think the thing that is really important for us to remember that this is a life long change to the way we live our life.  It's ok to have a little treat - but only a little treat.  My 'all' or 'nothing' attitude is what I think causes me to fluctuate up and down so much.  It's either a full day or week of bad eating - or a full day or week of good eating.  I think the key is to adjust the thinking pattern to say it's ok to have a small indulgent treat - but for the rest of the day - you need to be careful with your intake. 

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