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Sleevers/ Bandits Monthly

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Hi Admin,

First - just to acknowledge that you folk are all doing this "behind the scenes", and that you are all Volunteers.  Doing this out of the generosity and goodness of your hearts, with the very best of intentions.  And to thank you for all the "work behind the scenes" that you do.

I am not web-site savvy, but I am wondering if, maybe, this site could be jiggled to provide a couple of extra categories e.g. "Bandit's Monthly", and "Sleever's Monthly" under appropriate categories?  This could provide a forum for folks in the same situation to relate to.   Unfortunately, for us sleevers, it appears as though "gastricsleevesupport" has fallen apart due to lack of Moderators/Admin.  This site had forums   - initiated by users - e.g. under "Sleevers Monthly" - "February 2015".

Thank you for taking this into consideration - and thank you for all the "work behind the scenes" that you do.

Kind regards,

and "Thank You" for taking this on.


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