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What exercises can I do?

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Hi All!  

I was banded in April 2017 and have so far lost 60kg. ( I have alot of weight to loose which is why the weight has come off alot faster than I thought) I've been doing slower exercises but I want to start a gym and do some more. I was wondering what kind of exercises should I avoid? I know that things like crunches and stuff isn't really recommended... Has anybody got any recommendations? 


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Leading up to major Mountain Biking events I'm a gym junky but first how's your knees.

If alls good then good fat burning cardio type exercises is the way to go, I particularly like the stair master and the sitting down cycling type machines. Then again the rowing machines are good to, really good at raising the heart rate and getting us sucking in the air :lol:.

Any type of exercise to get the heart beating harder is good, ask the gym to put a program together to suit your needs and tell them about the band.

60kgs in such a short period WOW you have done well. 

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Thank you so much for your advice! 

I think my knees are good? I mean surprisingly for my weight, I'm actually pretty good with exercise. I will definitely try the rowing machine and the sitting down cycling machines! 

Thank you so much :D

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