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Newbie saying Hello (with a side of freaking out)

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Hi there :wub:

I stalked around on here for a while as I did my research - now that I have an op date and its all feeling very real, I thought I should come out of lurking. 

I'm halfway through the pre-op phase. I don't love dairy based shakes in general, but its doable and I'm getting by (with the exception of day one and two when I thought the hangry was going to be the end of me .... and all those within a 10k radius!) 

I was originally not having the operation until late Feb, however an opening came up and I took it. It does however mean I'm off overseas for a little trip about three weeks after my surgery. Im open to any and all suggestions for eating while travelling in the week 3 - 6 phase. 

Lots of feelings happening at the moment (none of which I am eating I will add) - excited, scared, nervous, apprehensive, determined... One week and counting - Eek!!



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Welcome.....see my response in your other post :)

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