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Hi, Newbie to group.

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Hi everyone. I saw a wls a few months back and he okd me for vsg. Even though my bmi is 55 he didn't want me to do the bipass as I live in Dubbo and he only visits once a week for apps. He said if I needed emergency surgery he wouldn't be able to get here in time. Anyway I've done heaps of research and excited to take this step. Only problem is I have just started health  insurance and have to wait 12 months. I'm a type 2 diabetic on very high doses of insulin. I would like to hear of any experiences other diabetics have had with medication and weight loss etc. I also have a umbilical hernia which I'm wondering if it will be an issue for surgery.

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I am new to his forum, excited to learning some insights about gastric sleeve surgery. How many of you have had successes to relate?

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Hi @Arabella4535   and @ThereseB  !!

All I can advise, is that you,   @Arabella4535  :

* 'Research, research, research'. 

*  "Google"  all that you can.  There is plenty of info out there.  But, please, do not  get sucked into other 'victims'  sob tales.    

* Read other folks blogs.

* See your GP, and get a referral to a/or more bariatric surgeon,

* And maybe check out folks who promote a LCHF lifestyle e.g. 

You need to define what you mean by "successes to relate"

  i.e. do you mean kg lost?  BMI loss? 

Body fat % loss?

Height/weight %?   (this is the better predictor of overall health than e.g.  waist measurement.);

waist measurement.?

All the best!  


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