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looking for advice

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Hi all,


new to the forum and first time posting.


Have decided to go for the sleeve surgery under advice from 2 GP's and friend who recently had the surgery done.


We live in rural WA so any surgery done will happen in Perth. So am looking for the best way forward.


My GP recently put the referral done for public route- Joondalup i believe but not sure.


I have spoken to HBF and my young svaer hospital cover will be 12 months old in jul7 208, (therefore can use in for gastric surgery). HBF have told me I can get a private referral done and start the process and I can have the surgery as soon as the 12 months is done. My Gp will put a referral in for the private if I want him too.


So basically what should i be doing? should i pick a specific private surgeon? Are there any that you guys can recomend?

Is there a 12 month period i have to weight before surgery? to prove i can do the weight loss?

Roughly how much do private patients end up paying? (I know this will vary)

How long have people waited for the surgery to happen? on publc and on pvt


thanks for your time guys- any advice is welcome



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Congratulations on making your decision :) its a big step!

If you're considering going private then its generally to a specific surgeon that your GP will refer you. If you've done your own research and have a preference then just take their name to your GP who can write the referral (I can't help in that aspect sorry, I'm from NSW). If you don't know though, your GP should have someone in mind - thats what mine did and my research began once I got his name, and I ended up going with him too. 

The only wait is the one for your PHI to kick in - if you meet the standards for WLS with your GP and the specialist the only wait on that side would be until they're free to do the surgery. If you've seen the same GP for some time they should have a record of your attempts at losing weight, but both will go through them at the appointment. 

Out of pockets vary... I paid $7000 out of pocket but got about $1500 over 12 months back as that was a clinic wide fee for dietician appointments, fills etc. There is a surgeon on the gold coast who has little/no OOP - I think the last one I saw was about $1000 so really; its going to vary A LOT. 

I had to wait for my PHI to kick in, but used super to fund the gap so spent that time getting everything ready so I could go the day my waiting period ended. If I didn't need to wait for that I could have been done in 2 weeks from the time of my first appointment. The public list will vary - two friends are currently waiting and one of those has been on there for 3 years, the other 18 months. Neither have a date yet but while definitely obese I think there would be bigger patients with co-morbidities getting ahead of them in the public queue. 


Good luck with everything!

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I'm going with Kevin Nolan, out of pocket $3850. But it's approximately $150 to be anesthetized, diet service before and after $120 than $70 and surgeon consultation is $36 with a Medicare rebate. 

I waited my year, and my surgery is on the 4th of April wo ho 

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