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Exercise caused band to pop thru bellybutton

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i had a band 2 Years ago and have lost 30kgs so I’m super happy in that regard. I wasn’t warned against exercise so I went treetops climbing 12 months after it was put in and obviously it’s strenuous on the core. 

Aftrwards I had a “bubble” in my bellybutton and it popped a week later. It was the band cord that was pushed out from strenuous exercise. I tried wound management and after 4 months it didn’t heal so I underwent surgery to fix it. It didn’t fix it and I’m now 6 months post surgery and over bandaging my bellybutton every day so I don’t ooze liquid onto my clothes.

Now I’m told I have to have the band removed...

has this happened to anyone else? 

Would you suggest another band or a sleeve? I’m now slim enough to exercise and I want to exercise but I’m concerned I’ll go to the expense of 2 more surgeries and be back to the same spot. 

Advice or experiences VERY welcome! 

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Either way you (usually) have to wait 3 months after band removal before trying something else.  I must admit I've never heard of this happening so can't advise you but if in the three months you don't gain weight and continue exercise you may be one of the lucky ones who won't need further help from WLS.

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