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HELP please! Any optifast spare?

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HI Everyone. I'm sure you're all aware how expensive the Optifast period can be. I'm in desperate search for some optifast drinks, funds are a little tight and I thought I'd reach out to fellow bandits for help.  Im located near Gawler and would be happy to travel (within reason) to pick up - or even happy to pay for postage to have some sent over. 

So, if you have some random sachets leftover and would like to pass them on I'd be ever so grateful. Feel free to email me if you can help-  backup@outlook.com.au


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i don't have any but you don't have to stick to Optifast per se-you can try Aldi Shakes ($1.99ea or Celebrity slim come on special at either Woolies or Priceline around same price for mixed packs 0r down to $2.50 for single)  Aldi only have 4 flavours.  I know they recommend the Opti but they aren't fussed as long as you stick to the diet.

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