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Feeling very nervous, surgery is on the 12th Feb.... I have been reading lots of different forums and some put me at ease others make me feel I am going to cancel the surgery. My husband wants me to stop reading everything online.  I can't stop. I have my first appt with the dietician today.  Hoping that will get rid of my anxiety.  I know I need to lose weight but will I enjoy my life after the surgery. I love to cook, I love going to dinner with friends having a few wines will I just want to stay at home not bothering to entertain.  I have about 30kilos to lose (keep thinking should be able to do myself with diet and exercise. I have tried for years. I lose about 15kilos. Then all back on again).  Would love to hear from anyone that has gone through the surgery and had similar thoughts. 

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hi and welcome here. Are you having a band or sleeve?  You are always going to read the good the bad and the ugly on here and most 'good' stories tend to drop off here after the weight loss and maintenance go to plan,  while the bad and ugly get posted!  Dinner will change but until you are in the swing of things getting onto 'normal' foods I would avoid it and alcohol altogether. You can drink a spritzer and water in between and you will find that soon you will not miss it.  I probably drink maybe a bottle/year! If you're in a group - most people don't really notice what you eat/don't eat or drink.  

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