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Sleeve plus Minimizer

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I had the sleeve + minimizer operation 2nd Feb 2015.  I have had no problems.  I can't compare to me not having a minimizer.  My "sleeve-sister" - sleeved 10/7 before me has had terrible problems with reflux post-sleeve. She didn't have a minimizer ring.  It turns out that she had an intolerance to plants in the nightshade family.

At three years post-surgery, let me tell you that the "honeymoon period", i.e. when you don't have an appetite/have early satiety, is well and truly over.  My portion sizes have increased significantly.  I am guessing that if I ate out, I'd be able to eat an entree/small dinner  (not that I eat out!). I couldn't tell you how much I could eat in takeaway as I have never been a takeaway person.

I have put on weight, and am 1 kg over goal weight, but still have a BMI of 22.9

I can't see any reason not to have the minimizer.  


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