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May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

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Normally 1 month post op, we can go swimming, per advice from my surgeon.  

The bad thing for me is one of scars on keyholes was peeled off last night, it was bleeding a little bit and wound was still opening with a small gap, I can still feel a little bit sore when I pressed the wound.  I put a bandit on the bleeding and it shall be stopped. :unsure:

Called clinic this morning, I was told it should be ok.  I can make an appointment to see my Dr if still bleeding... :huh:


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How long until the gas clears out of your chest?  I have shooting gas pain in my chest and left shoulder.  I am walking walking walking and trying to sip, sip, sip.  

I think once the gas is all gone, I should feel more human again.

I am not loving the Opti on milk at all now, @trillions what other nourishing liquids do you sip on?  I cant handle the opti any more.

Still 3 kgs heavier than pre surgery and am only drinking 600mls per day!  Must still be carrying water!

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Hey @back2normal I hope your incision closes over quickly. Hi @LosingKAL nothing tastes good to me unless it's savoury. I just tried a few sips of homemade banana, cinnamon and almond milk smoothie. Yuck. Will try Greek yoghurt tomorrow but maybe skip the honey I usually use for a bit of sweetness. This is so crazy with my tastebuds. 

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Hi all, sorry I've been AWOL, had a bad day with severe back pain behind my stomach yesterday. Spent three hours in the local A&E - they wanted to do a CT scan to check for pulmonary embolism but the Dr couldn't get the canula in my arm, despite 4 attempts using the ultrasound the whole time. They ended up doing an xray and giving me another Clexane shot just in case. I don't think it's a PE, just referred tummy pain. All good today.

So I haven't had any change in food taste as far as no longer liking things, but I'm the same with really wanting savoury. The sickly sweet opti did me in.

My 3 go-to savoury meals are: 

Heinz Soup of the Day Thai Chicken Chilli & Lime Soup. This comes in a pouch, I add 100mls of Massel Salt Reduced Chicken Style Liquid Stock (this is handy for everything - get some. Seriously!) and whack it in the Nutribullet for a minute. Completely smooth and liquidy and so freakin delicious!! (I have 150 ml as a serve).

My version of a kind of super tasty asian broth: 150ml Massel Salt Reduced Chicken Style Liquid Stock (I use this in everything so from now on I'll call it Awesome Stock), couple of drops of sesame oil, tiny sprinkle of chilli powder, teaspoon of Changs Noodle Salad Dressing - heat and enjoy!

Campbells Country Ladle Potato and Leek Soup - add some Awesome Stock and put in Nutribullet for a minute to make it totally smooth and runny. Heat and enjoy!

I buy the 2 litre UHT boxes of the Awesome Stock, and I bought a nice big ice cube tray from Woolies that has red silicon bottoms on each cube so they're easy to push out. I fill the tray with Awesome Stock and keep a freezer bag of cubes in the freezer and top the tray up. I find 4 cubes make approx 100 mls if you fill them right up. They are very handy to have to make soups a bit thinner and so tasty. I used to sip just the stock on its own when I was on opti and needed savoury, and it's easy enough to add a bit more salt (I dont need it but others might) and some flavorings if you want to use it as a base for a nice broth. I find it really handy if I need to get more fluid in but am sick of water or wanting something warm and savoury but not heavy like soup.

Other things I've been enjoying are:

Pauls Milky Max Chocolate Custard - comes in a little 70g pouch, and is 60ml liquid measure. It is really chocolatey so when I thin it out with Trim milk to about 130ml it is still nice and chocolatey.

Yoplait Forme Zero Fat Vanilla Yoghurt mixed with cacao powder (dissolved with hot water) and Trim milk to thin it out. Yes - I still love chocolate!

150ml Trim milk with half a spoon of instant coffee dissolved in a bit of hot water. I dont add sugar as I dont like sweetened coffee, and I find Trim milk to be quite sweet. Makes a nice iced coffee. You could sweeten with Stevia if you wanted to I guess. 

I also make an unsweetened iced chocolate by using organic cacao powder dissolved in hot water added to the 150ml of Trim Milk.

@LosingKAL - I have finally noticed a change in the swelling, bloating, etc, today on day 7 post op. Everything seems to have eased and I can suddenly swallow more than half a teaspoon of fluid without it hurting. I'd say the swelling in my esophagus and inside my tummy must be settling down as well as the gas from the op finally dissipating.  TMI Alert: I was constipated until yesterday (day 6!!), so maybe that helped me feel less bloated, lol! Now If I could just get my damn period I'd be a happy girl! FYI -the surgeon told me to have Osmolax laxative but I got really sick with each of the 3 doses I had over days 1 & 2 so I stopped using it. 

@back2normal I hope your tummy wounds are healing nicely. One of mine is not closed over yet. The others seem to be okay. I keep bandaids on them as I hate the thought of clothes rubbing or germs getting in.

Hope everyone is well, comfortable, and healing nicely. Do we have any other members up for surgery soon? I'll have to go check the list..

Yikes, it's after 2am! Night all xx



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