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Senior wanting best sleeve surgeon Tas /Vic?

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I am a senior, just turned 70 young at heart but too fat and getting fatter.

Can anyone suggest a good and very experienced surgeon that does the Sleeve Operation in Tas or Vic please?

Are there any older sleeve patients on here?

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Hi Bunny, are you in the North, South or elsewhere in Tassie?  Unfortunately we don't have a lot of options in Tassie.  Issue we have in Tassie is the lack of procedures they may do compared to surgeons on the mainland this impacts experience, ability to deal with after service, ability to deal with complications etc etc.

There aren't too many surgeons in Tasmania who do the sleeve.  Some years ago when I was first thinking about options for weight loss, there were only two clinics that did banding and none in Launceston, there is one in Launceston now.

I never went through with the band, and have recently started looking at options again.  As far as I can tell there are two clinics that do the sleeve, one of their websites seems unavailable so can't verify what they do and don't do.  The other I wasn't impressed with when I was looking into the bands.  There is one surgeon in Launceston that does the sleeve.

Hopefully if there any other Taswegians here with more information that they will post.  They may know of other surgeons/clinics that I am not aware of.

I have now decided on the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty and will likely go to NSW for that.  ESG is similar to the sleeve operation you are considering but is done endoscopically and part of the stomach is overstitched not surgically removed.  It is described as being non-surgical / minimally-invasive

If for any reason I wasn't a good candidate for an ESG, I would consider the surgical option but don't know if I would actually proceed, but I would definitely go to a surgeon in NSW or Victoria who had done at least 300 of the procedures if I did proceed.  There is a USA surgeon who says he wasn't fully experienced until he had done at least 250 procedures so that's my benchmark.



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