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Hi there, just found this forum while doing some research.

 I had gastric band surgery around 2007 in WA. I was about 135kg. Over the next 3 years I got down to 74kg and then had a blockage. Family and personal circumstances got in the way big time, as well as finances to the point I’m pretty well back where I was pre banding. I have all the disadvantages of a bad and none of the advantages. So disappointed in myself.

I’m at a total loss on how to move forward but have finally decided to see if I can do something. 
Looking forward to finding out if anyone has had similar experiences. I’ve read that the sleeve has apparently replaced banding these days, but finances are going to be a huge issue. All things I need to learn about.

Any advice or suggestions will be more than welcome. The self loathing at getting back to this point is huge but I finally feel maybe I can at least try and find away forward.

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Hi and welcome.  Is it possible to find  a bariatric doctor close by?  After my original surgeon passed away, the replacement was rude and abrupt and I avoided any check ups after having a port flip and consequently ended up 10kgs heavier.  (Not my original weight but uncomfortable nevertheless) One of the original nurses contact all the old patients and told them of a GP specialising in Bariatrics and she put me on the right path again. I was down to 1kg off my goal until last week when bowel obstruction intervened and the surgical team (even though I dodged surgery) completely unfilled my band so have to wait util next week to get back on track.  My band's  been in 7 years and after reading and researching I'm finding not all sleeves are problem free-especially after band removal.  The sleeve can stretch, weight loss stalls and it can become as much of a nuisance as a band.  Losing weight after gaining is much harder because the original enthusiasm to motivate you is gone and you have to find a new mojo.

I wish you all the best in finding a new way forward!

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