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What next????

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Hi all,

I have finally decided it's time to get a wriggle on and organise to get sleeved, but what next!!
I will need PHI and early release of Super to afford this but don't know where to start.

I have received a few quotes for insurance but all have 12 month waiting period and I want to do this NOW - anyone know of any ways to try and get this reduced at all?

And then what?! 

Thanks! :)

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I am not sure there is a way to do it now, other than a loan for the gap that PHI and super would have covered.  How much gap is there by the way?  

If you have a mortgage are you in a position to redraw available funds or refinance?  Personal loan interest rates can be quite high.  Citibank have a ready credit (line of credit) where for the first 24 months the interest is 7.9% for the inital draw down of funds (cheque to self) but after the 24 months the interest rate reverts to quite a high rate for the balance of funds not repaid.  Some clinics are aligned with financial bodies/credit facilities - your clinics aligned with any lending bodies?  Do you have an opportunity to loan some money from parents/family this may close the 12 month gap?  Are you in a position to work extra hours, second job etc? 

Early release of super in now going to be managed by the ATO, I think they have or will be introducing some tighter financial criteria...

I posted this early on another post:

For anyone who is considering early release of super for bariatric procedures, the application process is now managed by the Australian Taxation Office, the link below provides information plus there is a new ATO form to be completed. https://www.ato.gov.au/individuals/super/in-detail/withdrawing-and-paying-tax/withdrawing-your-super-and-paying-tax/?page=4#Access_on_compassionate_grounds


Perhaps you can use the 12 months or some of them  to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the surgery?  My procedure is in October and that feels like a long wait so I can only imagine what twelve months must be like.  I guess we all want everything now but sometimes there is little we can do to speed things up so we have to wait it out.



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