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Gastric bypass HELP NEEDED

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Hi my name is Mike i am in adelaide Australia and very keen on any information i can be given about the procedures prior to the actual operation. How many appointments are needed is there any pure surgery diet needed. I am looking at going through Ashford clinic in adelaide i have heard good reports and after health insurance it's only $4000 total out of pocket. I just want to know more about how long exactly in months is the pie surgery stuff including doctors consultation etc and then how well people have actually lost weight prior to leaving hospital. I know after surgery you're meant to have liquid only diet for a month or so but i would like first hand experiences on how it is to live with as a day to day thing and is it just multivitamins needed to keep the body I check.


I am only in my early 30s but been obese half my life and currently topping 140kgs and i need to be around 85-90kgs to be fit again.

I know my bmi is i think 41 and i have high blood pressure and diabetes non insulin dependent thank God but i definitely need to change my life and lifestyle before i hit the big 40!!!!!

Thankyou all 

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The out of pockets with Wakefield are a lot higher, have you factored in anaesthetist, dietician, exercise physiologist, psychologist if they're required?
You need to do Optifast for up to 5 weeks beforehand, depending on what the surgeon advises. You need multivitamins and iron tablets afterwards, and good quality protein powder to add to liquids until you can eat properly again. Liquid for 2 weeks after, then thicker liquids, then mushy food. They say about 6 weeks until actual solid food. Off work for up to 6 weeks if you do manual labour/lifting type work.

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Yeah 4000 for all surgery inclusion with health insurance of $2000 per yr + $100 for initial consult the rest I'm told is optional with this company ie dietitician psych etc 

But yea I'll expect my food bill for optifast and vitamins to cost more and will be more picky with foods.

Will be hard to obstain from certain foods and drinks for so long and work is a non issue I'm live in carer for my brother so all good got pension

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